What Would Your Faculty Do With More Time?

Faculty activity reporting is our specialty. And from our research, we know that everyone across the university spends a lot of time collecting and capturing information to position their faculty in the best light. However, manual processes and lack of centralized information put universities at a disadvantage.

If your university isn’t leveraging a faculty activity reporting solution, it’s likely leaving opportunities—such as grants, media placements and more—on the table. Faculty activity reporting can help you leverage faculty accomplishments, promote university successes to key stakeholders and evaluate faculty performance.

See How Your Peers Have Saved Time

Take a look at the time savings numbers in our return on investment infographic to understand the impact that a faculty activity reporting solution can have on a university. We’ve found that faculty and administration benefit from four types of time savings: streamlined requests, increased efficiencies, simplified internal processes and easier annual reviews.

By using a faculty activity reporting solution, your university can capture faculty information once and use it many times. Let your faculty get back to the things that matter most: teaching, research and service. And have comprehensive faculty information at your fingertips for making better strategic decisions.

The Hours Add Up: Find Out How Much Time Your University Can Save

One of the biggest value-adds of a faculty activity reporting solution comes in the form of how much time it will save your university. By using a faculty activity reporting solution you can reallocate faculty, staff and administrative hours to more important tasks such as advancement of your institution.

“Our faculty saved quite a bit of time; they no longer have to fill out and send paper forms to their chairs. Giving our faculty more time to do research or teach is what’s important, and that’s where we’ve seen the most benefit.”

-Kenneth Keller, Washington University

Input your university’s numbers in our time savings calculator and get a look at how many hours you can save. Take some time to explore how we calculated these numbers as well as other resources to learn more about the efficiency of a faculty activity reporting solution and what your university stands to gain.

Time Savings Calculator

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