Talking Among Ourselves at DMer Lunches

Talking Among Ourselves at Lunch with DMers

Lunch with DMers
DMers Adrian Moreno, Engagement Consultant, left, Kate Kaczmarczik, Product Marketing Manager, and Andrew Wiech, Senior Engagement Consultant, on a recent Lunch with DMers.

Around noon on any given day at Digital Measures, you’ll find trios of DMers meeting up in the lobby to head out for “Lunch with DMers,” a tradition that developed as our company grew big enough that we don’t all work with everyone on the team every day.

The rules are simple: each month, choose two other DMers with whom don’t directly work and eat lunch together offsite—DM picks up the tab. DMers pop into our lively #lunchwithdmers Slack channel to connect with colleagues looking for lunch partners.

“The goal here is to give you an opportunity to connect with people that you don’t really interact with , outside of monthly meetings,” said Katelynn Schneider, Human Resources Manager. “These lunches don’t have an agenda, just some suggested questions to get the conversation started.”

These conversation starters include:

  • What have you worked on lately that you’ve found fun?
  • What’s challenged you?
  • What have you learned?
  • What’s surprised you recently in your work?
  • What have you or your team done recently to improve?
  • What’s one (genuine) problem that you wish you could solve?

The goals for DMer lunches are twofold: to gain a better understanding each other’s work and get to know our colleagues better.

The Value of Connecting

When asked what they like most about the Lunch with DMers tradition, team members were quick to share their experiences. Kate Kaczmarczik, Product Marketing Manager, concurs. “I like learning more about the things that other DMers are thinking about and working on and seeing a different side of DM,” she said. “It helps me develop a deeper appreciation for the talents others have and how we all come together to get things done.”

“I think my favorite lunch was one where one of the Engagement Consultants was talking about how painful it was to answer questions based on an audit page in the system,” said Andy Glassman, Back End Architect. “This sparked an effort to fix the underlying issue, and now the page loads much faster.”

“Not sure if that was me,” said Andrew Wiech, Senior Engagement Consultant. “But I did bring up something else in a lunch with DMers that Andy fixed for me.”

“I like connecting personally and professionally,” said Kristin Kleinhans, Senior Accounting Specialist. “At my last DMer lunch, I went with two other moms. One was a very new mom and we talked a lot about how to achieve work/life balance, asking each other how they achieved that.”

Whether we’re talking about current projects or our lives outside of Digital Measures, DMers gain a lot from these lunches. And so does DM. “Culture is really important to us, and being connected with your coworkers is part of that,” Schneider said. “DM encourages and supports us in getting to know everyone at the company, not just the people we work with daily.”

And it works. “I enjoy talking with folks that I don’t get to interact with much at the office,” said Adrian Moreno, Engagement Consultant.

“This is an unusual benefit,” said Lisa Wright, Chief Marketing Officer. “I’ve never had this at any of the many other places where I’ve worked. It adds so much to DM’s unique culture.”

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