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6 Key Considerations for Implementing Faculty Web Profiles with Wake Forest University

Faculty’s accomplishments tell the success stories of your university’s mission and impact on students and the community. They also represent a life’s work, so showcasing them on your university’s website offers faculty the widest possible audience to reach potential students and collaborators as well as donors. With some coordination with your university website’s technical team, web profiles can be as up to date as faculty’s data in Activity Insight. In our last post, we discussed the value of web profiles for Wake Forest University’s School of Business and School of Law. Here, we’ll take a look the key considerations for implementing faculty web profiles as experienced at Wake Forest. Continue reading “6 Key Considerations for Implementing Faculty Web Profiles with Wake Forest University”

Faculty Web Profiles with Wake Forest University

Web profiles publicly showcase your faculty’s accomplishments, engagement and impact, allowing your university to:

  • attract prospective students and faculty
  • impress donors
  • inform legislators, accreditors and the public

They’re also a boon to faculty, showcasing their work on a larger stage than all but the most widely followed personal websites. This opens opportunities for collaboration and recognition as an expert in the field.

At many universities, faculty must request manual updates to web profiles, causing delays in showcasing current awards, conference presentations, performances, exhibitions and other successes. Manually updating faculty web profiles also taxes the resources of marketing and IT teams.

With the right customizations and integration with the campus website, a faculty activity reporting solution can automatically update faculty web profiles using the data faculty already enter into the system for other uses, such as annual reporting or accreditation. Using faculty’s existing data eliminates manual tasks and ensures that your university website tells the most current story of faculty teaching, research and scholarship, service and other accomplishments. In the first of this two-part series, learn how Wake Forest University’s Schools of Business and Law create and use faculty web profiles and research and expertise directories. Next time, we’ll look at six key considerations Wake Forest’s technical team identified when implementing web profiles. Continue reading “Faculty Web Profiles with Wake Forest University”