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Managing Change on Campus

Change can be hard—especially on campus. But careful planning and a process for effectively managing challenges can make things easier for all stakeholders. Using examples of successfully managing change on campus from clients including Indiana State University, Louisiana State University, University of Alabama and others, University Strategy Consultant and Prosci-certified change practitioner, and Meg Lemerond, Client Engagement Team Lead, recently shared: Continue reading “Managing Change on Campus”

The Power of Faculty Stories – video

Faculty stories are powerful. After all, your teaching, research and service represent a lifetime of achievement. Capture your accomplishments and share your story—within the university and with the world. Continue reading “The Power of Faculty Stories – video”

Commitment to Faculty Data Supports Vitas, Strategic Decisions at Indiana State University

With the support of the faculty senate and key administrators, Indiana State University has moved to a fully-scaled implementation of Activity Insight including all faculty and accreditation reporting, award applications and strategic plan reporting. Here, Christopher Olsen, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Susan Powers, Associate Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, share the process that allowed ISU to create reporting ranging from faculty vitas to informing strategic decisions with faculty data. Continue reading “Commitment to Faculty Data Supports Vitas, Strategic Decisions at Indiana State University”

Plan for Strategic Success at User Group 2017

Measuring institutional effectiveness and moving the needle on strategic priorities are top of mind for provosts and deans. Learn how to use faculty activity reporting software to assess success, promote continuous improvement, measure impact and drive decision making with data at User Group 2017, October 8-10 in Milwaukee. Here’s just a sample of the 16-plus presentations by universities using faculty activity data to drive progress toward the mission: Continue reading “Plan for Strategic Success at User Group 2017”

Learn to Engage Faculty at User Group 2017

To get the full benefit of a faculty activity reporting system, you need help from your most important asset, your faculty. After all, their activities and accomplishments define your university. User Group 2017 is less than two months away, and our agenda is jam-packed with informative presentations by your university peers, including several with success in encouraging faculty to embrace Activity Insight and steer its use. Register today to take part in these faculty-focused sessions: Continue reading “Learn to Engage Faculty at User Group 2017”

Faculty Activity Reporting Software Eases Accreditation

Accrediting bodies develop criteria for evaluating universities and programs, and conduct peer reviews to assess whether or not those criteria are met. According to the Department of Education, the goal of accreditation is to ensure that institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality in what they are delivering to students. Federal financial aid and employer tuition reimbursement are tied to accreditation, so it’s vital for recruiting and retaining students and faculty. But preparing the reports required by accreditors is a painful process, especially if you’re working from paper or spreadsheets. It doesn’t have to be—the right faculty activity reporting software eases accreditation. Here’s how. Continue reading “Faculty Activity Reporting Software Eases Accreditation”