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6 Things to Know Before You Launch Faculty Activity Reporting Software

Faculty activity reporting software is an important investment for your university, so you want to prepare yourself to make the most of it from the moment you sign on. Asking your stakeholders some key questions sets the stage for successful implementation and meeting your institution’s objectives  on schedule. Here are six things to know before you launch faculty activity reporting software. Continue reading “6 Things to Know Before You Launch Faculty Activity Reporting Software”

Before & After Implementing Faculty Activity Reporting Software

The right faculty activity reporting solution allows you to capture faculty data once and use it again and again for many needs, from faculty CVs to accreditation reporting.

But have you ever wondered if faculty activity reporting solutions live up to their promise? Here, your university peers share:

  • The types of challenges that universities like yours faced before implementing Activity Insight on their campus
  • How life has changed on campus since putting Activity Insight into place
  • The efficiencies and insight gained by making this change



3 Best Practices for Creating and Managing Users

Managing users throughout the academic year is an important practice to ensure that reports from your faculty activity reporting system are always current. Make certain that your newest faculty can input their teaching, publication, research and service activities and faculty who have retired or left the institution no longer appear on your reports. We’ve outlined three best practices that can help you this this task.

1) Create and Update Users on a Schedule

The exact point during the academic year to create and update the users in your faculty activity reporting solution will vary from university to university. For example, you might schedule adding and updating users at the outset of the academic year, as well as the beginning of each quarter. Choose timing that works for your university calendar, then set a routine of managing user records at those intervals. Adhering to a user maintenance schedule ensures that your faculty activity reporting remains current, allowing accurate reporting regardless of the time of year. This is helpful for accreditation and ad hoc reporting, which may not coincide with annual reviews or promotion and tenure. Continue reading “3 Best Practices for Creating and Managing Users”