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The Power of Faculty Stories – video

Faculty stories are powerful. After all, your teaching, research and service represent a lifetime of achievement. Capture your accomplishments and share your story—within the university and with the world. Continue reading “The Power of Faculty Stories – video”

Client Insight Boards Offer Information & Inspiration

For an open, honest, multi-directional exchange of ideas, nothing beats a group of people with a vital shared interest. Digital Measures was founded by entrepreneur and then-student Matt Bartel, who saw a need—capturing information digitally from the start, rather than gathering information on paper—and set about creating a solution to streamline that process. Matt’s initial inspiration and his approach of engaging higher education professionals in conversation continue to define DM’s approach to creating solutions. We engage faculty, department chairs, deans and provosts in conversation several ways, including our Client Insight Boards (CIBs). Here’s a Q&A with Kate Kaczmarczik, Product Marketing Manager and Insight Board coordinator, about how our Insight Boards inspire products and inform new features and functionality. Continue reading “Client Insight Boards Offer Information & Inspiration”

Learn to Engage Faculty at User Group 2017

To get the full benefit of a faculty activity reporting system, you need help from your most important asset, your faculty. After all, their activities and accomplishments define your university. User Group 2017 is less than two months away, and our agenda is jam-packed with informative presentations by your university peers, including several with success in encouraging faculty to embrace Activity Insight and steer its use. Register today to take part in these faculty-focused sessions: Continue reading “Learn to Engage Faculty at User Group 2017”

The Value of Faculty Activity Reporting to Faculty

Faculty data is mission critical for universities working to achieve strategic goals, maintain accreditation and share their stories of impact on students, the community and the world. But what’s the value of faculty activity reporting to faculty themselves? Daily tasks add up to a lifetime of accomplishment, and capturing and recording those accomplishments has value to the individual and the institution. In fact, a complete and accurate record can reveal the ways in which faculty have fulfilled the goals that inspired them to a vocation in higher education, and reinvigorate the pursuit of goals not yet attained. Here’s how faculty can use their own data to engage more deeply with their life’s work: Continue reading “The Value of Faculty Activity Reporting to Faculty”