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Optimizing Data Quality for Actionable Insights with Texas Tech University

The actionable insights that power data-driven decisions come from quality data. Craig Morton, Associate Director of the Office of Planning and Assessment at Texas Tech University (TTU) and Laurisa Perlberg, Digital Measures Client Success Manager, shared TTU’s journey to improve data quality to bolster reporting for faculty credentialing and other needs at the recent Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Forum. Here are the highlights. Continue reading “Optimizing Data Quality for Actionable Insights with Texas Tech University”

5 Things You Need to Know About Data Quality

Data quality determines the accuracy of every report and how accurately your faculty’s accomplishments are portrayed in annual review and promotion and tenure reports. Achieving a high level of data quality means you can trust the reports from your faculty management system to inform your decisions about many strategic priorities, including the impact of your faculty on students, your community and the world. In other words, good data drives smart decisions. So here are five things you need to know about data quality to ensure you’re getting the most from your faculty management solution. Continue reading “5 Things You Need to Know About Data Quality”

Scopus Data Integration Partnership—More Data, Less Data Entry

Making data entry easier for Activity Insight users is a strategic imperative at Digital Measures. So we’re pleased to announce a new data integration partnership with Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, including scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.

With more than 60 million records, Scopus comprises a comprehensive overview of the world’s research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Continue reading “Scopus Data Integration Partnership—More Data, Less Data Entry”

What Data Can and Can’t Do For Your University, Part 2

Data and reporting capabilities are essential for higher education as universities grapple with the challenges of changing public expectations, increasing accountability to multiple stakeholders, uncertainty surrounding funding and ensuring that the education students receive prepares them to be future thinkers, workers and citizens. But in a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Mark Salisbury, assistant dean and director of institutional research and assessment at Augustana College in Illinois, noted that “[d]espite all the cheerleading that seems to have accompanied big data’s arrival on campus, its promise to transform higher education continues to surge well ahead of its supporting evidence.” So what can and can’t data do for your university? Continue reading “What Data Can and Can’t Do For Your University, Part 2”