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Earning Faculty & Administration Buy-in With Oregon State University, Part 1

Gaining the buy-in of faculty and administration is key to the success of an activity reporting database. But it’s not always easy. Linda Brewer, Senior Faculty Research Assistant and Project Manager, and Lucas Turpin, Information Technology manager, recently shared Oregon State University’s (OSU) success in implementing an activity reporting database at our User Group. In the first post in this two-part series, OSU shares how they set goals for the system, got to “yes” with administration to fund data entry, and how their data entry team worked. In part two of the series, learn how OSU overcame resistance, earned faculty buy-in with responsiveness and their lessons learned from the project. Continue reading “Earning Faculty & Administration Buy-in With Oregon State University, Part 1”

7 Ways Faculty Activity Reporting Benefits Faculty

Universities embrace faculty activity reporting (FAR) software for its many reporting capabilities, easing everything from compiling faculty accomplishments and measuring impacts to accreditation reporting and faculty reviews. But what about you, the folks who have to enter that information into the system? FAR software companies know that there should be something in it for the faculty whose activities and accomplishments comprise the system. Here are seven ways that faculty activity reporting benefits faculty. Continue reading “7 Ways Faculty Activity Reporting Benefits Faculty”