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Best of the Blog 2017: The Posts You Read the Most

We started the Digital Measures blog in early 2016 to share stories that matter to the higher education community. Nearly two years in, it’s clear from our readership stats you share common concerns and interests. So here’s a look at the top themes you’ve been consuming  in 2017, plus links to the posts you read the most. Continue reading “Best of the Blog 2017: The Posts You Read the Most”

What Data Can and Can’t Do For Your University, Part 3

Data, and the ability to analyze and report on it, can transform universities. But in a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Mark Salisbury, assistant dean and director of institutional research and assessment at Augustana College in Illinois, noted that “[d]espite all the cheerleading that seems to have accompanied big data’s arrival on campus, its promise to transform higher education continues to surge well ahead of its supporting evidence.” So what can and can’t data do for your university? To answer that question, we’ll explore how you can use information from your data solution to transform your institution. We’ll also discuss your role in ensuring that your data solution delivers on its potential benefits at your university. This is the third post in a series—previous posts dove into other benefits of a data solution, including increased efficiency, easier accreditation and other reporting, improved data quality and measuring impact. Continue reading “What Data Can and Can’t Do For Your University, Part 3”