A Strong User Community Supports Client Success

A Strong User Community Supports Client Success

As consumers, we have an amazing array of user communities where we can connect with others to share best practices, success stories, pro tips, development ideas and—of course—their questions. Think Nike, with its apps for runners and other athletes, or the way Playstation facilitates interaction among users. The best tech companies do this as well, including the SAP Community Network and VMware’s support of local user groups and conferences. A strong user community supports client success: here’s how we cultivate relationships with and among Activity Insight users.

One-to-One Relationships

The Digital Measures user community begins with the strong one-to-one relationships that develop between a Success Consultant and client. “We know our clients personally and develop really strong bonds with them. We’re deeply invested in their success,” said Megan Sullivan, Client Onboarding Team Lead. “By working with us, they’re able to gain access to a broad peer network with a ton of experience. We’re always connecting clients with similar experiences so they can learn from each other.”

These deep relationships give Success Consultants extensive knowledge of the challenges faced by other universities. (And with more than 60 percent of the top U.S. universities using Activity Insight, we’ve seen a wide range of data collection and reporting needs.) “We can share recommendations based on what we know has worked for others in the past,” Sullivan said. “When someone asks, ‘We need to track or report on X, have any other clients done that already?’ we can connect them. Or we can proactively reach out and say, ‘We see you’re trying to do this, but it hasn’t worked for others because of X, Y or Z. Here’s a better approach.’”

Sharing Resources

A Strong User Community Supports Client SuccessBoth new and long-standing clients benefit from leveraging knowledge gained through experience. “There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to implementing a faculty activity reporting solution,” said Meg Lemerond, Client Engagement Team Lead. “What works for one campus may not for another, so it’s incredibly important to have a vast base of users and examples. Our personalized approach is important, but so is having on-demand access to a network of university peers, instructional materials, DM announcements and a forum for submitting new ideas.” Our Resource Center does just that, connecting clients to training materials, product updates and, most importantly, each other.

User Group

Leading technology and software companies bring users together in person as well. “So much of implementing a faculty reporting solution is about things beyond the technology itself. Culture, communication and change management are huge,” Sullivan said. “No one understands a university quite like it’s peers, so having that network to connect with is key for helping them make good choices about how to do things beyond the software alone.”

That’s why Digital Measures invites clients to meet face-to-face at our annual User Group in Milwaukee every October. The agenda features client-driven content, including presentations by system users as well as the Digital Measures Product and Client Success teams. “We want to show clients how we work together and what’s important to us,” said Steve DeLonge, Chief Client Success Officer. “It’s also important to facilitate sharing so that clients don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Connecting clients with one another generates new ideas, solutions and understanding.”

User Group attendees enthusiastically agree. “I enjoyed the mix of client stories and presentations from DMers,” one User Group 2016 attendee noted. “I can’t think of a session I attended where I didn’t pick up something useful.”  Another said, “I took away many things I can plan to implement in the future as well as things that I can do immediately.”

There’s nothing quite like networking with peers. If you’d like to meet and learn from other Digital Measures clients, registration is now open for User Group 2017, October 8-10 in Milwaukee, featuring keynote speaker Arne Duncan, former U.S. Secretary of Education.

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