Solve 4 Major Challenges with Faculty Activity Reporting

Solve 4 Major Challenges with Faculty Activity Reporting

Universities that haven’t yet implemented a comprehensive faculty activity reporting solution face some major challenges. If you’re still gathering faculty activity data the old fashioned way—with repeated requests to faculty for often the same information, and information that disappears into someone’s personal computer, filing cabinet or binder—you could benefit from faculty activity reporting software in four important ways.

1. Showcase Your Most Important Asset—Your Faculty

Faculty at your university are accomplishing great things—from publishing research to consulting, to presenting at conferences, to performing valuable service activities. But without a central repository of information on faculty’s accomplishments, it’s hard for universities to showcase them.

With fresh and comprehensive insight into faculty achievements, universities position themselves to make confident decisions for promotion or tenure, seek strategic grant opportunities, attract prospective students and faculty and so much more.

2. Reduce the Number of Times You Ask Faculty for Data

How many times do you ask faculty for information? Where does this information wind up? Administration typically asks for information eight to 12 times a year to complete annual activity reports, promotion and tenure documents, faculty web profiles, accreditation and other ad hoc requests. Then this information finds its way into someone’s filing cabinet or desktop computer—and not in a single repository for others to use.

Implementing a faculty activity reporting solution makes things easier for faculty—and everyone else. With a centralized location for faculty activity information, faculty can maintain their records throughout the year and store supporting documents, such as grant funding letters and full-texts of publications.

3. Eliminate Inefficient Processes for a Streamlined System

Without a central faculty activity reporting solution, your faculty’s accomplishments are buried in someone’s spreadsheet or the report sent off last week. So the next time you’re asked to report on the same faculty achievements, you’re starting from scratch, emailing or making calls to hunt up current information.

The inefficiencies here are obvious—and inconvenient—to everyone. When you have the right faculty activity reporting software in place, current data is always at your fingertips, whether for regular reporting needs like annual reviews and accreditation, or for those media or stakeholder requests that can send you scrambling.

4. Create Accurate and Complete Reporting

Even if you have faculty activity data at the ready, the process of manually tabulating that data for reporting purposes is time consuming and error prone. With a strong, flexible faculty activity reporting solution, you’ll have the reporting tools you need to report on your faculty’s accomplishments. From pre-made reports for annual reports, promotion and tenure, and regional and professional accreditation, to the ability to query data for ad hoc reporting needs, you’ll save many hours of hand counting and number crunching for every report you generate.

We’ve compiled our lessons learned from helping the largest  universities centralize faculty information and streamline reporting.  For a more in-depth view, take a look at our e-book, Four Challenges Solved by Faculty Activity Reporting.

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