Showcase Faculty Accomplishments with Automatic Web Profile Updates

Showcase Faculty Accomplishments with Automatic Web Profile Updates

Faculty web profiles are important for recruiting, fundraising, surfacing collaboration opportunities and more. But at many universities, faculty have to request updates, which can be low on an already jam-packed to do list, causing delays. And manually updating faculty web profiles taxes the resources of your marketing and IT teams. With the right customizations and some upfront work integrating with the campus website, a faculty activity reporting (FAR) solution can automatically update faculty web profiles using the data faculty already entered into the system for other uses, such as annual reporting or accreditation. Using faculty’s existing data eliminates manual tasks and ensures that your university website tells the most current story of faculty research, publications and other accomplishments.

Reward Faculty Investment in Your FAR System

The best FAR solutions minimize faculty data entry by pulling as much data as possible from existing campus systems and importing citation information from multiple repositories. Still, faculty are asked to input activities and create reports within the system. That can feel like a thankless task to faculty already fully occupied with teaching, research and service to the university. Though annual reviews, promotion and tenure and other considerations may already be tied to the data in your FAR system, faculty may still consider that as primarily benefitting the university.

An automatically updated faculty web profile immediately benefits your faculty. It reflects new publications, conference presentations, grants and other accomplishments right away. Faculty’s activities reflect their life’s work, so they are justifiably proud of what they do and eager to share it with peers, prospective collaborators and prospective students. While faculty achievements benefit the university, sharing them on the university website benefits faculty, too. Your university website has more traffic than any but the most famous faculty’s website or blog, so faculty web profiles raise awareness of their interests, ongoing research and accomplishments in a way they couldn’t on their own. Public awareness of faculty accomplishments can lead to important opportunities to collaborate, publish, present at a conference or become recognized as a subject-matter expert for media inquiries.

Give Faculty Control

When the IT or Marketing department controls web profiles, chances are it’s difficult for faculty to make updates to their profile. When you use a FAR solution to automatically update faculty web profiles, you put control into your faculty’s hands. The right FAR software allows your faculty to display, hide or highlight particular accomplishments, tailoring web profiles to reflect the work they currently wish to promote. FAR software can also facilitate web-facing bios, office hours, research interests  and more. Faculty can customize these web-facing items to reflect their current areas of focus.

With a wealth of faculty activities in your FAR solution, your website can also support keyword searches, direct links to publications and updates to in-progress research (as approved by faculty, of course). By adding these to your university’s website, you can share a rich and complete story of your faculty’s achievements.

To learn more about implementing faculty web profiles, read this post, where University of Texas, El Paso and the University of Washington Information School share their experiences. And if you’re interested in additional ways for faculty to benefit from using your university’s faculty activity reporting solution, we’d love to talk with you.

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