new activity insight features deliver more data less data entry

New Activity Insight Features Deliver More Data, Less Data Entry

Digital Measures is on track deliver an impressive slate functionality for 2017 beginning with today’s release of two exciting new Activity Insight features, both designed to reduce manual entry of publication information for faculty. More data, less data entry! We’re planning additional releases in the coming months that will give your faculty more reasons to love Activity Insight, while helping your institution leverage our commitment that you can “capture faculty data once, use it infinitely.”

Import Publications from Crossref

Your faculty can now import publications directly from Crossref into Activity Insight’s Import Publications screen without first saving them to a BibTeX file. Crossref is a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration agency for scholarly and professional publications, with a database of more than 80 million intellectual contributions including journals, books and other types of content. Direct access to these contributions dramatically reduces the time it takes for your faculty to enter data into the system. At the same time, it increases data quality by reducing manual data entry, where most errors occur.

Collaborators Can Now Share Citations

Using our enhanced Record Reference field, all faculty collaborators on a given publication or project can now use the same citation, regardless of who entered the record into Activity Insight. If one team member enters or imports publication information, all collaborators on the publication can now use that data, eliminating the need for multiple collaborators to enter or import the same citation. This is especially helpful to those who use NIH and NSF Biographical sketch screens, allowing collaborators to link to all of their work. But it has many other applications—think research scholarship in the humanities, co-authorship of a piece of music or play, a shared award or grant and more.

Commitment to Reducing Data Entry

Your faculty are busy teaching, researching, engaging with your community and providing service to the university. At Digital Measures, we’re committed to keeping their data entry tasks to a minimum—while at the same time providing your institution with more data to leverage for your reporting needs. So think of 2017 as the Year of Less Typing!

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