Multiply FAR Efficiencies With Workflow

Multiply FAR Efficiencies With Workflow

The right faculty activity reporting solution makes collecting and reporting information on faculty accomplishments and impacts vastly more efficient. In fact, Activity Insight’s promise is “Capture data once, use it infinitely.” So instead of digging through file cabinets and ring binders for the same information—again—faculty enter data once, building a body of information tailored to your university’s known reporting requirements. And that data can be queried, so if the media or a legislator call looking for a particular bit of information, it’s just a few clicks away. Now, you can multiply the efficiencies of faculty activity reporting by digitizing your processes with the new Workflow Module for Activity Insight.

Your Process, Only Better

What is a digitized process? Think of your current faculty annual review or promotion and tenure process, updated for the 21st century. Here are just a few of the ways digitization makes faculty review processes faster and easier:

Free Process Mapping ConsultationAutomated reporting: Your faculty will never need to assemble binders again. The process you define in Workflow automatically pulls the required Activity Insight reports, and allows faculty to quickly create or attach any additional documents they wish to use in support of their review.

Easier reviewing: Reviewers can use their secure login to review materials at a time and place of their choosing. And those materials will be in the format you define, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. Finally, responses are entered directly into the Workflow system, ensuring they never go missing.

Progress tracking: Faculty can monitor the progress of their review as easily as tracking a package. Chairs and deans can track their units, and provosts can see the status of the university as a whole or drill down to view a particular unit.

Peace of mind: Workflow loops in the participants you define and no one else, and all documents remain within Workflow, ensuring the confidentiality of review documents and responses and maintains the security of materials.

Improve the Faculty Review Experience with a Digitized WorkflowDiscover the Benefits for Your University

By making faculty reviews and other process faster and easier, digitization with the Workflow Module for Activity Insight pays off in substantial time and cost savings. To learn more about digitizing your processes, download our e-book, “Improve the Faculty Review Experience with a Digitized Workflow.” The e-book provides a side-by-side comparison between manual reviews and digitized processes, and helps you calculate the time your university could save.

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