Meet Team DM: DMers Go Curling

Our DMers work hard and take pride in being a part of Digital Measures. As we continue growing our team, we stay committed to preserving our unique culture. Every quarter, all DMers experience something new as a team and get to know each other a little bit better.

This quarter, we visited the Pettit National Ice Center, an Olympic training facility in Milwaukee, WI to learn the sport of curling. (No, we aren’t curlers—but we sure did try and had a lot of fun.) Here’s what some DMers had to say about our company, our culture and our adventure in curling.

What brought you to Digital Measures?

“I am part of a generation that is constantly searching for that “unicorn” job which will make one feel intellectually, professionally and personally satisfied. At Digital Measures, I truly feel that I work with some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met, and I actually look forward to coming to work!  

-Leah Williams, Client Relations  

So, how’d you like curling: “Although I learned I didn’t miss my calling as a professional curler, I really appreciated the camaraderie the event sparked and appreciate that DM puts such an emphasis on unique team-building events.”

How have you grown during  your time at Digital Measures?

“I’ve learned to slow down and think strategically. It’s straightforward to do good work but a lot more difficult to know you’re doing the right work.”

-Kirby Fitch, Product Innovation

So, how’d you like curling: “Getting paired up with people whom you don’t work with often, doing things you’ve never done before maintains the family vibe that DMers love. You learn about fellow DMers, what’s important to them and how to communicate with them back in the office.

What does the culture at Digital Measures mean to you?

“The casual culture at DM is what makes me enjoy coming to work. I’m also constantly learning new skills and techniques—not just in technical areas, but general problem-solving skills as well. We are encouraged to solve problems in a collaborative fashion, which strengthens the company as a whole.”

-Derek Fetting, Development

So, how’d you like curling: “Curling was a way to take everyone out of their comfort zone. No one on my team had ever been curlingthis forced the team to learn the basics of the sport in a group effort.”

How do you think quarterly events boost the culture at Digital Measures?

“Quarterly events are great because they give DMers a context outside of regular work in which to get to know each other.  This leads to stronger working and non-working relationships.”

-Jimmy Pautz, Development

So, how’d you like curling: “Curling is a sport that no one at Digital Measures had any experience with previously, so it was great to all start at the same level and learn it together.”

What do you have to say about being a DMer?

“I’ve always been impressed by our ability to think outside of the box. Coloring outside the lines and trying something new is not only welcome here, but actively encouraged. I think that philosophy has been instrumental in taking us to where we are now and helps us maintain our competitive edge.”

Brett Bernsteen, Client Relations

So, how’d you like curling: “What I really like about our quarterly events is that the whole team is a little bit out of their elementwhich is refreshing. There’s no greater shared experience than trying something novel or foreign.”


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