Meet Team DM: DMers Play Maker’s Golf

Meet Team DM: DMers Play Maker’s Golf

DMer maker's golf eventDMers work hard together and we take time to play together, too. Our first quarterly event of 2017 took us to Nine Below in Milwaukee, where teams of DMers created their own miniature golf greens. We chose location of the pin, set course boundaries and added obstacles—think Minecraft meets Caddyshack in a maker space where the objective is team bonding.

Teams then took to the course to play what we built! As on any golf course, players strategized best methods for avoiding obstacles and making par—or better. Rules of the course included playing the ball where it lies, strategically bumping other balls to increase that player’s stroke count and using the putter in any way necessary to make the shot. In fact, one team built a hole with its tee off six feet off the ground. Creative DMers attempted several methods to beat this par 1 hole, with the putter-as-pool-cue method garnering the best results.

Personal Connections

Though we come together for monthly meetings, sprint reviews and cross-team projects, we don’t all get to collaborate with people from other departments in our daily tasks. “I always enjoy getting to know my coworkers on a more personal level. It’s nice to laugh and enjoy each other’s company,” said Amy Bobrowitz, Quality Assurance Engineer.

Noah Hildebrandt, Developer, concurred. “I think the coolest part of this event was setting up the hole with my team,” he said. Hildebrandt teamed with Steve DeLonge, Chief Client Success Officer, Clay Terris, Account Executive, and Tom Wietzke, Developer. “I don’t work directly with Steve or Clay, so it was pretty neat being able to do a problem-solving activity with them.” The team built a deceptively simple hole themed “A Night at the Ballpark” in a nod to our visit to Miller Park, home of Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers, during our 2016 User Group conference.

Mutual Admiration

Teams put time and plenty of imagination and expertise into crafting a challenge at each hole, so we could really appreciate the effort and ingenuity of other teams’ efforts. “My favorite part of the day was getting to play the other teams’ holes. It was fun to see how creative everyone got,” said Laurisa Perlberg, Senior Engagement Consultant. Perlberg’s favorite hole on the course? “Darth Barbie,” a Vader-meets-Barbie mashup created by John Borre, Software Engineer, Gary Griffith, Infrastructure Engineer, Ella Ozier, Product Management Lead, and Ryan Trudell, Account Executive.

Our team events help DMers strike a balance between being serious about what we do while still being relaxed and accommodating in how we do it. Curious about Digital Measures? Learn more about us here, revisit last winter’s DMer curling event—or meet us in person at the 2017 User Group, October 8-10 in Milwaukee.

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