Medical Schools Inspire Enhancements to Activity Insight

Medical Schools Inspire Enhancements to Activity Insight

Digital Measures recently rolled out enhancements to Activity Insight designed to make faculty activity reporting easier for schools of medicine, medical centers and other related health disciplines. We collaborated with several of our clients to examine the customizations they made in Activity Insight and determined what type of information is needed to accurately capture a unique range of complex activities.

The result? Base screens with the built-in functionality to collect the faculty activity information most critical to schools of medicine including clinical teaching, mentoring, hospital affiliations and more.

Clients who previewed these enhancements at our recent User Group responded enthusiastically. One attendee told us that the new screens cover 90 percent of the customizations done during on-boarding at their College of Medicine, and said that these enhancements will help any medical school go live very quickly.

Unique Needs of Medical Units

The educational model in schools of medicine presents data collection challenges when it comes to tracking faculty activity. This is evident in two areas: reporting faculty’s own education and affiliations as well as reporting on the specific activities medical faculty perform. This was the focus of the new base screen changes.

Broadening the Scope

Medical training goes far beyond the classroom. For medical faculty, their clinical graduate and postgraduate training, such as internships and residencies, are important  parts of their CV, as are formal mentorships. Activity Insight now provides the screens and fields needed to record this information.

In addition, medical faculty’s clinical work is calculated separately when looking at total workload, so faculty can now record clinical workload percentages as well as clinical teaching activities that don’t fit into a term-based dating scheme. Clinical activities are categorized differently by different universities, so customizable fields for those categories are now available in Activity Insight.

Additionally medical units need detailed information about faculty affiliations to fully document their programs, specializations, divisions and units. These can now be easily tracked in Activity Insight, as can specific information on the funding sources of grants that are unique to medical schools.

Just the Beginning

Activity Insight remains fully customizable, but for medical units looking for an out-of-the-box solution, these enhancements ensure they can get up and running quickly.

“The current enhancements will be helpful to many kinds of medical units, but we plan to focus on the specific needs of additional health disciplines going forward,” said Kirby Fitch, Digital Measures Product Manager who oversaw the medical school enhancement initiative.

If you’d like to have a conversation about using Activity Insight in your college of medicine, please reach out through our contact page.

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