Calculate Your Faculty Activity Reporting Time Savings

How Much Time Can the Right FAR Solution Save Your University?

How much time does your university spend on reporting? When you consider the range of reporting requirements and requests, the resources spent finding, compiling and calculating information for your many stakeholders can be staggering. Reporting touches every aspect of the university—faculty, extension staff, chairs, deans, administrative staff, the institutional research team and the provost’s office. And the minutes add up fast.

The right faculty activity reporting solution brings together a wide range of institutional data into one central information source and makes it easy to query that data. It also provides a range of reporting options:

  1. Pre-built reports to ease annual reporting, promotion and tenure, and professional and regional accreditation
  2. Custom reports to measure—as you define them—your university’s impacts and progress toward strategic goals
  3. Ad hoc reporting to immediately answer unexpected requests for information that usually mean a lot of scrambling, such as the phone call from a legislator requesting, by the end of the day, a list of all of the publications your extension faculty and staff produced last year, or a media request looking for a subject matter expert on a particular topic

A critical benefit of a faculty activity reporting solution is that once information is in the system, it  can be reported on infinitely, by either running a pre-built report, or with an ad hoc query. Which means that multiple members of your faculty and staff don’t lose an afternoon—or more—responding to that legislator’s request.

Calculating Your Time Savings

If you don’t actually know how much time your university spends on reporting try our Time Savings Calculator. This Calculator is designed to provide you with an informed estimate of the time a faculty activity reporting solution will save you on annual reporting, promotion and tenure and ad hoc reporting requests, based on five simple metrics you supply:

  • Number of colleges
  • Number of departments
  • Number of faculty reviewed per year
  • Number of promotion and tenure cases per year
  • Number of ad hoc information requests per year

We based our calculations on client interviews combined with in-depth review of the faculty handbooks and process documents they shared. Clients including Baylor University, Colgate University, Indiana State University, Old Dominion University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, St. John’s University and the University of Tampa participated in this discovery process. There’s more about our methodology here.

Time is one of your university’s most precious assets, especially in this era of resource constraints. So calculate the time that the right faculty activity reporting solution could save your university here.

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