Happy 17th Birthday, Digital Measures!

Can you believe it’s been 17 years? Neither can we! From day one of Digital Measures in 1999 to the release of Activity Insight in 2001 and development of notable features (web services, users and more) in 2008 to the launch of User Group in 2013, we’ve evolved. We’ve moved five times, brought nearly 60 more DMers onto the team, contributed thousands of volunteer hours to the community, deployed hundreds of releases of Activity Insight and partnered with more than 200 universities campus-wide! And we have no plan of slowing down. 

CEO and Founder, Matt Bartel, shares this vision, “At Digital Measures, our focus on delivering elegant solutions to complex problems has remained true since our early days. We’ve built a talented team of DMers who are passionate about enabling universities to showcase their achievements. Faculty are producing great work; the challenge we’re solving revolves around demonstrating it. We’re excited to build on the foundation we’ve laid over the past 17 years, assisting our clients in new and unique ways.”

Our DMers

From a one-man team to surpassing the 60 DMer mark, we’re proud to be hiring some of Wisconsin’s best and brightest young talent while retaining many of our original DMers who helped start and grow the company. “I’m exceptionally proud of the team of amazing and talented DMers we’ve assembled over the years. Each is dedicated to our clients, our software and our shared vision for the future. I’m just as proud that 25% of our staff has been with DM for more than 7 years; this speaks directly to the warm, friendly and caring culture at DM.” says Scott Severtson, an enterprise architect who has been with us for 10 years. Matt Moulton, one of our engineers who’s been at DM since 2005, added “The greatest impact at Digital Measures is the positive interaction between clients and DMers. This has nurtured a culture with a heart for helping clients and fellow DMers succeed. It’s been an honor to be a part of something this special and I’m looking forward to help make the next 17 years even better.”

One of our newest DMers, developer Adam Mitchell, shared this reason for why he joined Digital Measures this year, “I have only ever heard great things about the atmosphere at Digital Measures. It was an easy decision to work here with all of the positive reviews from inside and outside of the company. I can’t say enough about the friendly and collaborative environment. I’m grateful for the opportunity to start my career here.”

Our DMers
Our team of DMers, 2015.

Our Clients

We started small, but today we partner with over 200 universities campus-wide and more than 60% of the top 500 universities. From those who have been with us from the beginning to the newest, we are grateful for our insightful group of clients.

Lynne Richardson, Dean at the College of Business at the University of Mary Washington, has partnered with us at all three of the universities she’s been a part of. Richardson shared, “Digital Measures anticipates and addresses problems university administrators face. While the company began with a goal of helping business schools collect data for accreditation purposes, it has expanded campus-wide. Plus, the system is easy to use and the support team is incredibly responsive, helping customize the software to address an individual institution’s needs. As a three-time adopter, you can tell I’m a big fan!

Another person who has been with us since the beginning is Richard Telfer, Chancellor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (CEO and Founder Matt Bartel’s alum). Telfer says “I remember early conversations about Digital Measures and was happy that UW-Whitewater was the first adopter of the platform. I am pleased that this company had its origin at UW-Whitewater and still has ties to the campus. I am excited to see how Digital Measures has grown and prospered here in Southeastern Wisconsin, and I look forward to its future successes.”

Digital Measures Mugshot
Our “mugshot.” Each of these mugs, positioned at the entrance of our home office, represents a campus visited by a DMer.

Our Community

Being integrated in the Greater Milwaukee community is important to us. We’ve contributed thousands of volunteer hours to Milwaukee and the surrounding areas—from the Hunger Task Force and Feeding America to Habitat for Humanity and Riveredge Nature Center, we enjoy giving our time to a community that has done a lot for us. Some of our first clients are from Milwaukee and so are many of our employeesand it feels good to give back.

We’re proud of our home in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward and always look forward to bringing our clients here every year for our annual User Group meeting. In 2015 we welcomed hundreds of universities and clients to learn more about Activity Insight, surpassing all prior years’ attendance. Furthermore, we’re proud of the fact that the Milwaukee Business Journal awarded us one of the “Best Places to Work” several times. In 2015, they also awarded us “Coolest Office,” proving that our office space reflects our company culture.

Digital Measures Deck
Our wraparound deck where you can find DMers working when the weather cooperates.

Our Past Year and Future

Over the past 17 years we’ve made hundreds of releases of Activity Insight and devoted thousands of man hours to making sure that you have the most powerful faculty activity reporting solution. It’s our goal to provide a solution that enables you to identify and highlight your faculty’s accomplishments so that your university can tell its unique story.

In 2015, our main focus was our overall design as well as components that run “behind-the-scenes.” From a major update of our user interface to transitioning to a new data center, our year was focused on ensuring Activity Insight was as easy-to-use and seamless as possible. Want more details? We dive into them here.  

Our story is rooted in the people and universities that helped us achieve our 17-year milestone. Cheers to all of our clients, our awesome team of DMers and our many years ahead together! Have a birthday wish for us? Leave it in the comments below.

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