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One of our core values at Digital Measures is to ensure that our DMers have the opportunity to evolve continuously. In an effort to enable DMers to immerse themselves in new and different opportunities, we encourage DMers to travel. We believe that travel makes you richer in cultural understanding, is valuable to personal growth and lends itself to creativity in the workplace. Here are a few travel stories from our DMers and how their experiences around the world changed them personally.

Pursuit of Happiness

  • DMer: Kyle Banta, Developer
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa

“I had the opportunity to volunteer at a school in a South African township. I spent two weeks there teaching athletics and surfing to the children of Nomzamo Township, an under-privileged neighborhood where students don’t always get the chance to exercise. In the township, extreme poverty, drug abuse, gang violence and a lack of support from the government was rampantbut the people living there were still smiling and the children had a youthful exuberance and excitement about them.  When I returned, this stuck with me. I realized that there is happiness in any situation, as long as you look for it. This led me to make a change in my careerI was unfulfilled and unhappy so I found something that brought me the same happiness, regardless of uncertainty, that the children in South Africa had.”


Going with the Flow

  • DMer: Megan Sullivan, Solution Specialist
  • Location: Galway, Ireland

“I spent a semester studying abroad in Galway, Ireland. When living in a foreign country and traveling Europe at just 19 years old, you learn quickly to be adaptable and go with the flow (which has come in handy working at a rapidly growing company!). As you can see from the picture, when it pours during your entire visit to the “scenic” (or so I’m told) Cliffs of Moher, there’s nothing to do but make the best of it and enjoy the experience! While there, I was also able to travel Spain, France, England and Italy. I was bit by the travel bug! With our flexible vacation policy, DM has made it possible for me to visit Turkey, Greece, Belize, Australia and New Zealand.”


Being Aware of Cultural Differences

  • DMer: Scott Sprout, Front End Software Engineer Lead
  • Location: Calarasi, Romania

“I spent three years in a town outside of Bucharest, Romania doing missionary work. It really made me aware of cultural differences like language. As a software engineer, this is an interesting perspective to have because it’s easy to create an application that is very “American friendly,” but not necessarily intuitive for other cultures. For example, a date picker. It’s easy to choose our standard English version but most cultures don’t use this date format. It’s important to be aware of these things so that we can take them into consideration as we continue to develop our applications. We should challenge the way we think and aim to be inclusive.”


It’s All About Word Choice

  • DMer: David Sarnowski, Solution Specialist
  • Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

“Before I began teaching, I knew I wanted to learn more about the work so I headed to Edinburgh on a 6 month work visa. Ultimately, I ended up living in Scotland for three years where I coached basketball. The big takeaway for me from Scotland, in relation to my work life, is the importance of terminology. When I would use a specific term there it often meant something completely different to the person I was talking to. Now I focus on “When I say “this” what do I really mean.” For example, annual reporting is different from campus to campus. One of the first things I make sure of when I work with someone is that we are using a shared vocabulary for how things are done on their campus.”


Cultural Immersion 

  • DMer: Andrew Wiech, Solution Specialist
  • Location: Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates

“The Middle East was never originally on my list of places to visit but I snagged an insane flight deal and decided to go. It was eye opening in regards to understanding more about Middle-Eastern culture, from picking up nuances about communication patterns, showing respect through dress and learning the work week starts on Sunday (their weekend is Friday and Saturday). I now work with three schools in the Middle East (Qatar University, Community College of Qatar and VCUqatar) and I find it easier to collaborate with them and build a professional relationship having some of that experience in my back pocket. Now I’ve got Doha on my travel list.”


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