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Brewing Up DMer Coffee Data

dmer coffeeEver wondered what drives innovation at Digital Measures? Our clients, of course—you inspire us to make faculty activity reporting easier, faster and more versatile. But our fuel of choice for the task? Coffee.

DMers’ coffee obsession shows in everything from our signature mugs to our  #coffee channel on Slack. We even have coffee commandments such as: “If thou drinkst the last of the coffee, thou shalt brew a new pot unless it is after 3pm.”

So here’s a freshly brewed cup of DMer coffee data.

 The Beans

Two Colectivo blends top the list of DMer coffee: Blue Heeler, a medium roast, and Dark Sumatra Highlands, a dark roast. Our team consumed 130 pounds of each in 2016. Yep, that’s 260 pounds of coffee—and the tip of a caffeinated iceberg. DM coffee connoisseurs also bring in new coffees to share, from Bali Blue Moon and Cream City to Flaming Bike and Voltaire. dm coffee gannt

According to our #coffee channel, we logged 570 pots of coffee brewed in 2016. That’s 6,840 cups, or 427 gallons, or 7.3 gallons of coffee per DMer (though some of us don’t actually drink coffee). And those are just the pots people remembered to log!

DMers who like to brew their coffee in real time went through 1,536 K-cups of Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla, 864 K-cups of Dark Magic decaf and smaller quantities of specialty flavors in 2016. Other coffee-loving DMers also bring in coffee from one of the half dozen coffee shops within a two block radius of our office.

And a brave few have mastered our kitchen’s temperamental device for making cappuccino, espresso and latte.

The Brew Masters

brew master nick halase

There’s serious competition for the Brew Master title currently held by Software Engineer Nick Halase, pictured left. Past Brew Masters and contenders include Onboarding Consultant Brett Bernsteen, Developers Derek Fetting and Chris Buss, Quality Assurance Lead John Kieffer and Back End Architect Andy Glassman, who is also Keeper of the Coffee Stats.

How did Halase capture the title? “He got us the coffee pot!” Glassman said. “It could change at some point, though.”

Is that a competitive glint, or just the caffeine?

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