Digital Measures Joins the Watermark Family

Digital Measures Joins the Watermark Family

It is with great pleasure that we announce to you that Digital Measures has joined the Watermark family. Coming together represents the combination of two entrepreneurial companies with strong cultures that stand for innovation and achievement.

In 2017, three of the largest ePortfolio and assessment management providers in higher education united to form Watermark, becoming the leading provider of assessment and accreditation management solutions for higher ed worldwide. For the last 20 years, they’ve focused on supporting meaningful assessment practices to improve student, faculty, and institutional learning.

As one company, we now have the opportunity to help you more effectively manage core institutional processes, engage both faculty and students, and use better data to support both continuous improvement and accreditation needs. We believe that as one company, we’ll be able to do this better than we could have separately.

One Company, One Vision

It’s truly an exciting time for Digital Measures. Now united under Watermark, we have an expanded set of solutions, over 65 years of combined experience developing software for higher education, and more than 1,400 partner institutions worldwide to help guide our work. Together, we’ll work toward a vision for a comprehensive, integrated educational intelligence system that helps you better connect information, provides a more holistic view of learning, and offers better opportunities for you to gain the insights needed to drive improvements across the institution. We look forward to sharing more information about this soon.

Dedicated to Quality Service and Support

Rest assured, this will not affect the products and services that you rely on today. We will continue to support your use of Digital Measures and have no plans to stop doing so. As always, we believe the quality of support we provide is as vital as the technology we deliver, and our teams are dedicated to maintaining the quality of support and service that you have come to expect.

Ensuring Continuity

The Digital Measures leadership team, including co-founders Matt Bartel and Michael Rentas, will be staying on at Watermark to ensure a smooth transition. We will continue to provide the company with input on product strategy and vision as we head into this exciting new phase. Kevin Michielsen will continue to serve as CEO of Watermark.

For More Information

We expect many of you will have questions about what all of this means. Please visit for more information, including a FAQ, a schedule of upcoming events where you can learn more, and a link to the press release. As always, we also encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your questions or concerns.

Digital Measures is grateful for the partnership we have with you, as we’ve worked together toward success. Again, I am thrilled we are bringing our technologies, experience, and resources together with Watermark, as we work to better support you in making meaningful improvements across all levels of your institution.

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