Digital Measures & GDPR: Privacy and Security Ensured

Digital Measures & GDPR: Privacy and Security Ensured

You trust Digital Measures with your faculty data, and securing it has always been one of our top priorities. There’s been a lot of publicity surrounding the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into effect May 25, 2018. Kyle Anderson, our Infrastructure Engineering Lead, recently trained all DMers on GDPR compliance and security. Then he sat down for a Q&A to answer common data security questions we receive from users like you.

DM: Describe DM’s approach to faculty data.

KA: It’s important to know that Digital Measures doesn’t routinely handle or collect sensitive personal data. In fact, we have strict policies prohibiting clients from configuring data collection fields that would contain sensitive personal data. And we don’t “mine” or otherwise process the faculty activity data universities capture. It’s your data, and is collected and used by your institution.

Choose a Partner, Not a VendorOur job is to help universities capture and report on faculty activities. We provide layers of security and ensure that faculty data is encrypted, whether it’s “at rest” within Activity Insight or “in transit,” as when faculty enter data into the system. We also ensure security with system reliability. Finally, we’ve put robust and ever-improving logging and monitoring systems in place to watch for breaches so we can quickly provide notification if it should ever be needed.

DM: Talk about DM’s approach to the new GDPR rules.

KA: We embrace the spirit of the individual freedoms that are reinforced with this regulation, not just for EU citizens but for everyone, so we’re GDPR compliant with all data, regardless of where the institution or faculty member resides.

Because we’ve always taken privacy seriously, complying with GDPR hasn’t been a big stretch for us. DM achieved GDPR compliance far ahead of the May 2018 deadline.

DM: How does GDPR affect product development?

KA: Security can never be an afterthought. Any application that we’re currently exploring or researching is engineered to be GDPR compliant from its inception. We strive to enhance all of our applications to make it easier for clients and partners to stay compliant going forward.

DM: Where can readers find more information on Activity Insight security?

KA: The security section of our website has complete information on Digital Measures commitment to data security.

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