Customize Your CV With Activity Insight

Customize Your CV With Activity Insight

We’re pleased to announce that faculty can now customize CVs with Activity Insight, drawing on their data in the system to create CVs for a variety of other purposes, such as grant applications, conference proposals, award nominations and more. Faculty will continue to use university-provided reports for annual reporting, promotion and tenure and other university processes, but now they can use their activity data for a wider range of projects.

Faculty Respond

Users who tried the customizable CV capability during its rollout shared this feedback:

“I was able to build a basic CV, from scratch, in 10 minutes. Usually that process takes me an hour and a half each time I do it. .. I find incredible value in this tool.”

“I really like [the ability to choose from a list of citation styles for publications] and am sure that our faculty will find the value.”

“This gives you more control of how you want to arrange things. It is less work once you have added everything in. The data is there, now you can quickly drag and drop and build something vs. typing things in.”

At our recent User Group, Tanya Hudson, assistant professor in the department of Elementary Education at Fayetteville State University, also reviewed the customizable CV tool. “Our faculty will have a lot of uses for the customizable CV,” Hudson said. “Each faculty member will want to use it based on what specifically they need it for: when they’re going to do a presentation, or be part of a scholarly review committee, or if they’re trying to get a grant and they have to produce a CV so they can show what their capabilities are. They’ll have this customizable CV based on … how they’re trying to sell themselves.”

Commitment to Faculty

“The customizable CV capability represents another step in our ongoing commitment to making Activity Insight beneficial to faculty,” said Kirby Fitch, Strategic Product Manager. “It’s all about providing value to faculty as well as the institution. In addition to implementing three major publication integrations to reduce data entry, we wanted to eliminate the the extra work of maintaining multiple versions of a CV in word processing when all of your accomplishments are already in Activity Insight. ”

If you’d like to learn more about customizing CVs and the path to self-service reporting, contact us here.

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