Collaboration Brings HeinOnline Citations to Activity Insight

Collaboration Brings HeinOnline Citations to Activity Insight

HeinOnline logoLaw schools and library users can now import legal citations from HeinOnline into Activity Insight, thanks to a collaboration inspired by a mutual client.

Kirby Fitch, Digital Measures Product Manager, took the call and proposed a solution: exporting HeinOnline citations as BibTeX files to import into Activity Insight. “This was a great opportunity to add yet another citation source to our data imports, which include Crossref, PubMed and Scopus,” Fitch said.

Fitch worked with Adam Tramp, HeinOnline Technical Support, providing guidance on the best way to structure BibTeX files to ensure the data imports well into Activity Insight. “We’ve imported many thousands of BibTeX files into our database, so I shared some best practices to ensure data moved into the system correctly,” Fitch said.

“We created the BibTeX files and sent them to Kirby, who imported them into Activity Insight and gave feedback,” Tramp said. “After a few adjustments, HeinOnline citations imported easily to the system.”

“We’re excited to share this capability with our clients,” Fitch said. “Everyone we tell about it loves it because HeinOnline contains more than 90 percent of the law publications most schools of law look to include in Activity Insight. And since it contains only law faculty, it’s easier to identify publications that belong to faculty with common names.”

“HeinOnline would like to thank the excellent team at Digital Measures who worked with us to ensure this feature would be available for our mutual customers,” HeinOnline shared in a post announcing the capability to their clients.

That thanks is mutual. “We’re really glad HeinOnline approached us to help ease data imports for our shared clients. It’s a big benefit to any school of law using Activity Insight,” Fitch said.

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