Client Success Defines Digital Measures Service Model

Client Success Defines Digital Measures Service Model

The right faculty activity reporting solution can transform the way universities collect information and report on faculty achievements. But as with any enterprise software, implementation and ongoing support are the pivotal elements that make the difference. While working for nearly two decades with universities large and small, we have identified the phases of implementation universities experience, and the best ways to support you at each phase of the journey. It’s the foundation of our proven service model for Activity Insight and the Digital Measures difference.

Proven Path to Success

“What we discovered is that clients thrive when they work with a consultant focused on their stage of implementation,” said Steve DeLonge, Digital Measures Chief Client Success Officer. “We’ve tailored our service model to leverage that advantage, helping clients effectively launch and achieve early success with goals such as annual reporting while building the data needed for longer-term goals such as faculty web profiles, promotion and tenure reviews and accreditation reporting.”

Activity Insight implementation has three phases—Launch, Accelerate and Engage.


The Launch phase of Activity Insight implementation ensures that you realize value from the system as quickly as possible by focusing on configuring the system for one primary use. Annual reporting is the most successful first goal because all faculty participate in annual reviews, providing a year’s worth of data right away. This also allows faculty to learn the system before they’re asked to enter or import additional data.

Why just one goal in the Launch phase? “Through hundreds of implementations, we discovered that trying to identify all possible needs delays you in meeting the needs you know you already have,” said Megan Sullivan, Client Onboarding Team Lead. “Focusing on one strategic objective allows for clear direction and decisive action, so you’re able to roll out faster and use insights from the system sooner.” Clients in the Launch phase work with a dedicated Onboarding Consultants to set goals, build a project team, set the Launch schedule and execute it.


After a successful launch, clients move to the Accelerate phase. This involves transitioning from an Onboarding Consultant to an Engagement Consultant and working through a series of new initiatives to extend the value of Activity Insight at your university. “In each pass through the Accelerate phase, you will again select a single objective. If you have multiple goals in mind, the Accelerate phase repeats until you’ve met them all,” Meghan Lemerond, Client Engagement Team Lead explained. “Identifying your needs and ruthlessly prioritizing them ensures a clear, focused direction for each Accelerate project.”

Clients who follow their launch by implementing faculty web profiles or promotion, tenure and reappointment reporting gain the most value possible from their first Accelerate phase. Why? Faculty appreciate the value of faculty web profiles, which can be updated in real time from Activity Insight data. It’s a big win that also encourages faculty to regularly update their data rather than saving it up for annual reporting. Promotion, tenure and reappointment reporting don’t affect all faculty, but a substantial portion of them will appreciate having the ability to produce their reports directly from Activity Insight rather than manually assembling a binder of materials.


Once clients achieve their required outcomes, they naturally enter the Engage phase of Activity Insight implementation. Here, you’ll maintain the outputs and processes you’ve already implemented, and monitor system health and success by reviewing data quality and other success metrics in regular account review calls with your Engagement Consultant. Digital Measures collaborates with clients in the Engage phase to co-present at conferences or our annual User Group, co-host a webinar on a specific topic or serve on one of our strategic advisory boards.

Title Changes Reflect Evolving Roles

You may have noticed that members of the Client Success team are no longer called Solution Specialists. Roles within the team have evolved to more closely align with the Activity Insight implementation journey. Now, Onboarding Consultants focus on guiding clients through the Launch phase and Engagement Consultants ensure ongoing client success in the Accelerate and Engage phases.

If you have any questions about our proven service model or the title changes on the Client Success team, please reach out to us. Or share your success story in the comments below!

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