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Collaboration Brings HeinOnline Citations to Activity Insight

HeinOnline logoLaw schools and library users can now import legal citations from HeinOnline into Activity Insight, thanks to a collaboration inspired by a mutual client.

Kirby Fitch, Digital Measures Product Manager, took the call and proposed a solution: exporting HeinOnline citations as BibTeX files to import into Activity Insight. “This was a great opportunity to add yet another citation source to our data imports, which include Crossref, PubMed and Scopus,” Fitch said. Continue reading “Collaboration Brings HeinOnline Citations to Activity Insight”

Web of Science Data Integration Partnership Announced

For most universities, keeping faculty activity and profiles up to date is a time-consuming data entry exercise. Reducing data entry for faculty is a strategic priority for Digital Measures, so we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Clarivate Analytics to integrate Web of Science data into Activity Insight.

Our partnership with Web of Science marks our third data integration partnership of 2017,  following Crossref and Scopus, providing our clients with access to more than 1.1 billion citations.  Continue reading “Web of Science Data Integration Partnership Announced”

Engaging Your Faculty with UC-Merced

When Mubeena Salaam joined the University of California at Merced a year ago to administer the university’s Activity Insight instrument, she identified faculty engagement as a strategic priority. At our recent User Group, Salaam shared her efforts to drive faculty adoption—and enthusiasm—by rolling out a new feature to address one of the biggest pain points for faculty. Continue reading “Engaging Your Faculty with UC-Merced”

Why Usability Sessions Matter When Building a Faculty Activity Reporting Solution

Using a faculty activity reporting solution should be a positive experience. After all, if your goal is to centralize faculty activity data in one platform, this platform should be intuitive. A good way for a product team to gauge this is with a usability session. It’s proven that usability is a strong indicator of how users feel about the product and its ease-of-use. This is something that we strive to understand so that we can provide the best possible experience of our software.  Continue reading “Why Usability Sessions Matter When Building a Faculty Activity Reporting Solution”

4 Technology Investments That Will Make a Difference in 2016

Letting your faculty’s successes shine means identifying and highlighting their accomplishments so that your university can tell its unique story. A faculty activity reporting solution that is user-friendly, intuitive, accessible and secure can help. With this in mind, we devoted resources from our talented team of DMers to many initiatives in the last year to ensure you have the most powerful faculty activity reporting solution at your fingertips.   Continue reading “4 Technology Investments That Will Make a Difference in 2016”