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Customize Your CV With Activity Insight

We’re pleased to announce that faculty can now customize CVs with Activity Insight, drawing on their data in the system to create CVs for a variety of other purposes, such as grant applications, conference proposals, award nominations and more. Faculty will continue to use university-provided reports for annual reporting, promotion and tenure and other university processes, but now they can use their activity data for a wider range of projects. Continue reading “Customize Your CV With Activity Insight”

3 Tips For Engaging Faculty With Activity Reporting Software

When correctly implemented, faculty activity reporting software is a win-win for faculty and university administrators alike, capturing accomplishments so they can be shared with a wide range of stakeholders, from legislators, accreditors and alumni to prospective students and faculty. The willingness of faculty to support and use this type of software is essential to success. Here are three tips for engaging faculty in the joint project of implementing a faculty activity database. Continue reading “3 Tips For Engaging Faculty With Activity Reporting Software”

Learn to Engage Faculty at User Group 2017

To get the full benefit of a faculty activity reporting system, you need help from your most important asset, your faculty. After all, their activities and accomplishments define your university. User Group 2017 is less than two months away, and our agenda is jam-packed with informative presentations by your university peers, including several with success in encouraging faculty to embrace Activity Insight and steer its use. Register today to take part in these faculty-focused sessions: Continue reading “Learn to Engage Faculty at User Group 2017”

The Value of Faculty Activity Reporting to Faculty

Faculty data is mission critical for universities working to achieve strategic goals, maintain accreditation and share their stories of impact on students, the community and the world. But what’s the value of faculty activity reporting to faculty themselves? Daily tasks add up to a lifetime of accomplishment, and capturing and recording those accomplishments has value to the individual and the institution. In fact, a complete and accurate record can reveal the ways in which faculty have fulfilled the goals that inspired them to a vocation in higher education, and reinvigorate the pursuit of goals not yet attained. Here’s how faculty can use their own data to engage more deeply with their life’s work: Continue reading “The Value of Faculty Activity Reporting to Faculty”

Showcase Faculty Accomplishments with Automatic Web Profile Updates

Faculty web profiles are important for recruiting, fundraising, surfacing collaboration opportunities and more. But at many universities, faculty have to request updates, which can be low on an already jam-packed to do list, causing delays. And manually updating faculty web profiles taxes the resources of your marketing and IT teams. With the right customizations and some upfront work integrating with the campus website, a faculty activity reporting (FAR) solution can automatically update faculty web profiles using the data faculty already entered into the system for other uses, such as annual reporting or accreditation. Using faculty’s existing data eliminates manual tasks and ensures that your university website tells the most current story of faculty research, publications and other accomplishments. Continue reading “Showcase Faculty Accomplishments with Automatic Web Profile Updates”

Day of Me Event Highlights FAR Benefits for Faculty, with Indiana State University

The way Kelly Wilkinson, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs at Indiana State University’s Scott College of Business, sees it, the value of faculty activity reporting (FAR) software to faculty is the ability to tell their stories in different ways. And she employed an innovative strategy to encourage faculty to input their data so they can output it for a variety of uses, from biennial reviews and Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) reporting to customizing CVs for a variety of purposes. Here, Wilkinson shares an overview of the Day of Me event held in May and highlights FAR benefits for faculty, expected and unexpected, that came out of the event. Continue reading “Day of Me Event Highlights FAR Benefits for Faculty, with Indiana State University”

7 Ways Faculty Activity Reporting Benefits Faculty

Universities embrace faculty activity reporting (FAR) software for its many reporting capabilities, easing everything from compiling faculty accomplishments and measuring impacts to accreditation reporting and faculty reviews. But what about you, the folks who have to enter that information into the system? FAR software companies know that there should be something in it for the faculty whose activities and accomplishments comprise the system. Here are seven ways that faculty activity reporting benefits faculty. Continue reading “7 Ways Faculty Activity Reporting Benefits Faculty”

Web of Science Data Integration Partnership Announced

For most universities, keeping faculty activity and profiles up to date is a time-consuming data entry exercise. Reducing data entry for faculty is a strategic priority for Digital Measures, so we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Clarivate Analytics to integrate Web of Science data into Activity Insight.

Our partnership with Web of Science marks our third data integration partnership of 2017,  following Crossref and Scopus, providing our clients with access to more than 1.1 billion citations.  Continue reading “Web of Science Data Integration Partnership Announced”

Scopus Data Integration Partnership—More Data, Less Data Entry

Making data entry easier for Activity Insight users is a strategic imperative at Digital Measures. So we’re pleased to announce a new data integration partnership with Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, including scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.

With more than 60 million records, Scopus comprises a comprehensive overview of the world’s research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Continue reading “Scopus Data Integration Partnership—More Data, Less Data Entry”

3 Best Practices for Creating and Managing Users

Managing users throughout the academic year is an important practice to ensure that reports from your faculty activity reporting system are always current. Make certain that your newest faculty can input their teaching, publication, research and service activities and faculty who have retired or left the institution no longer appear on your reports. We’ve outlined three best practices that can help you this this task.

1) Create and Update Users on a Schedule

The exact point during the academic year to create and update the users in your faculty activity reporting solution will vary from university to university. For example, you might schedule adding and updating users at the outset of the academic year, as well as the beginning of each quarter. Choose timing that works for your university calendar, then set a routine of managing user records at those intervals. Adhering to a user maintenance schedule ensures that your faculty activity reporting remains current, allowing accurate reporting regardless of the time of year. This is helpful for accreditation and ad hoc reporting, which may not coincide with annual reviews or promotion and tenure. Continue reading “3 Best Practices for Creating and Managing Users”