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Why DMers Love User Group

User Group is Digital Measures annual conference for clients who use Activity Insight, but it’s an exciting event for DMers as well. Our clients tell us they appreciate our informative agenda, interesting keynote speakers and the chance to network with DMers and colleagues from other universities. As all DMers attend User Group, they each have particular elements they love best. Here’s a few of their stories. Continue reading “Why DMers Love User Group”

Talking Among Ourselves at Lunch with DMers

Lunch with DMers
DMers Adrian Moreno, Engagement Consultant, left, Kate Kaczmarczik, Product Marketing Manager, and Andrew Wiech, Senior Engagement Consultant, on a recent Lunch with DMers.

Around noon on any given day at Digital Measures, you’ll find trios of DMers meeting up in the lobby to head out for “Lunch with DMers,” a tradition that developed as our company grew big enough that we don’t all work with everyone on the team every day.

The rules are simple: each month, choose two other DMers with whom don’t directly work and eat lunch together offsite—DM picks up the tab. DMers pop into our lively #lunchwithdmers Slack channel to connect with colleagues looking for lunch partners.

“The goal here is to give you an opportunity to connect with people that you don’t really interact with , outside of monthly meetings,” said Katelynn Schneider, Human Resources Manager. “These lunches don’t have an agenda, just some suggested questions to get the conversation started.” Continue reading “Talking Among Ourselves at Lunch with DMers”

DMers Tend Crops to Feed the Hungry in Milwaukee

DMers Tend Crops to Feed the Hungry in MilwaukeeVolunteers from Digital Measures recently spent an afternoon weeding and staking tomato plants, moving the pipes used to water fields, and hoeing the broccoli patch at The Farm, The Hunger Task Force’s 200-acre farm in Franklin, Wis. There, a small staff supplemented by local volunteers tend crops to grow the fresh produce that Milwaukee’s Hunger Task Force distributes to its local network of food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Continue reading “DMers Tend Crops to Feed the Hungry in Milwaukee”

DMers Learn Improv Techniques for Creativity, Collaboration


Once a quarter, the whole Digital Measures team comes together for an offsite event to get us out of our routines and into something surprising and fun. DMers have gone curling, cooked tapas, played maker’s golf and more. This time, we found ourselves at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. After a quick tour of the Rep’s three performance spaces and extensive backstage workshops, we spent the afternoon improvising together. We had a blast, and came away with some fresh ways to creatively collaborate. Continue reading “DMers Learn Improv Techniques for Creativity, Collaboration”

DMer Sabbatical: Engineer Writes New Quality Assurance Testing Framework

Penny Curich, Quality Assurance EngineerSabbaticals are common practice in the academic world, but just 5 percent of companies provide paid sabbaticals, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2015 Employee Benefits Survey. At Digital Measures, we’re among the fortunate few, with a paid month-long sabbatical for every seven years of service. When Penny Curich, Quality Assurance Engineer, passed her seventh anniversary as a DMer, she set out to design a project for her sabbatical.

After considering several topics of interest to her, Curich developed a plan and took her sabbatical in April. During her month away, Curich authored software designed to make quality assurance testing more efficient. She recently shared her insights on planning and managing a sabbatical. Continue reading “DMer Sabbatical: Engineer Writes New Quality Assurance Testing Framework”

DMers Volunteer: Taking the Call for Radio Milwaukee

DMers Volunteer: Taking the Call for Radio MilwaukeeMilwaukee has been Digital Measures headquarters from day one and we appreciate the things that make our hometown special. That’s why DMers were eager to take the call for independent, commercial-free 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, answering phones for the station’s annual Spring Fund Drive. Continue reading “DMers Volunteer: Taking the Call for Radio Milwaukee”

Meet Team DM: Our Annual Family Event

“We all work together like a big family.” Our DMers work hard and take pride in being a part of Digital Measures. As we continue to grow, we value being able to become friends and a work family. Every quarter, all DMers are invited to a gathering to do just that—this time around it was our annual Family Event to cap off the summer. Continue reading “Meet Team DM: Our Annual Family Event”

DMers Around the World

One of our core values at Digital Measures is to ensure that our DMers have the opportunity to evolve continuously. In an effort to enable DMers to immerse themselves in new and different opportunities, we encourage DMers to travel. We believe that travel makes you richer in cultural understanding, is valuable to personal growth and lends itself to creativity in the workplace. Here are a few travel stories from our DMers and how their experiences around the world changed them personally. Continue reading “DMers Around the World”

9 Fun Facts About the People Behind Digital Measures

Digital Measures is built on the idea that university faculty have a great impact on companies, organizations and communities. This results in better-educated students, advances in research and knowledge sharing. Unfortunately proving impact and demonstrating accountability can be difficult—this is why we exist. We help streamline and enhance faculty activity reporting so that universities can more efficiently capture and promote faculty successes—and tell their unique story. Continue reading “9 Fun Facts About the People Behind Digital Measures”

Happy 17th Birthday, Digital Measures!

Can you believe it’s been 17 years? Neither can we! From day one of Digital Measures in 1999 to the release of Activity Insight in 2001 and development of notable features (web services, users and more) in 2008 to the launch of User Group in 2013, we’ve evolved. We’ve moved five times, brought nearly 60 more DMers onto the team, contributed thousands of volunteer hours to the community, deployed hundreds of releases of Activity Insight and partnered with more than 200 universities campus-wide! And we have no plan of slowing down.  Continue reading “Happy 17th Birthday, Digital Measures!”