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6 Proven Strategies for Implementing Faculty-Focused Software – video

Thinking about a new faculty-focused software solution, but feel overwhelmed at the prospect of an implementation? Learn what’s worked for your peers from Digital Measures Professional Services Team Lead Megan Sullivan. Using examples from universities like yours, Megan will walk you through six key strategies for making your next implementation project a success: Continue reading “6 Proven Strategies for Implementing Faculty-Focused Software – video”

Achieving Your Implementation Goals With Washington State University

Washington State University (WSU) implemented Activity Insight system-wide with a primary goal: supporting faculty annual reviews for all faculty. Thanks to a strong project team and plan, WSU built integrations to populate data from its campus HR system, a campus-built faculty activity reporting system, student information system and Office of Research systems; customized its database to meet the reporting needs of all units; and now uses Activity Insight to support faculty annual reviews. Here, we’ll share the best practices WSU used in their successful implementation. Continue reading “Achieving Your Implementation Goals With Washington State University”

Optimizing Data Quality for Actionable Insights with Texas Tech University

The actionable insights that power data-driven decisions come from quality data. Craig Morton, Associate Director of the Office of Planning and Assessment at Texas Tech University (TTU) and Laurisa Perlberg, Digital Measures Client Success Manager, shared TTU’s journey to improve data quality to bolster reporting for faculty credentialing and other needs at the recent Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Forum. Here are the highlights. Continue reading “Optimizing Data Quality for Actionable Insights with Texas Tech University”

4 Keys to Building a Successful Project Team – video

Whether you’re at the idea stage for a new campus initiative or you’ve crafted a detailed plan, you need the right project team to get your initiative across the finish line. Leveraging examples from successful project teams among our clients, Brett Bernsteen, Senior Project Consultant, shared four keys to empowering a team to support your campus initiative during a recent webinar. Watch the video below to learn how to:

  • Successfully initiate a project with your core team
  • Identify and fill critical project stakeholder roles
  • Motivate and monitor your project team
  • Lead your project team to the finish line

This resource guide includes templates used in the webinar, as well as links to additional resources.

Managing Change on Campus

Change can be hard—especially on campus. But careful planning and a process for effectively managing challenges can make things easier for all stakeholders. Using examples of successfully managing change on campus from clients including Indiana State University, Louisiana State University, University of Alabama and others, University Strategy Consultant and Prosci-certified change practitioner, and Meg Lemerond, Client Engagement Team Lead, recently shared: Continue reading “Managing Change on Campus”

Standardizing Annual Reporting with Ithaca College

When implementing faculty activity reporting, “it’s important to develop a system that works for everybody,” said Danette Ifert Johnson, vice provost for academic programs at Ithaca College. Though the College didn’t set out to standardize its annual reviews, careful listening and collaboration across departments and schools ensured that its new campus-wide annual report meets the needs of all disciplines while also minimizing complexity. Here, Ifert Johnson shares the process Ithaca College used to reach consensus and streamline annual reporting. Continue reading “Standardizing Annual Reporting with Ithaca College”

Client Insight Boards Offer Information & Inspiration

For an open, honest, multi-directional exchange of ideas, nothing beats a group of people with a vital shared interest. Digital Measures was founded by entrepreneur and then-student Matt Bartel, who saw a need—capturing information digitally from the start, rather than gathering information on paper—and set about creating a solution to streamline that process. Matt’s initial inspiration and his approach of engaging higher education professionals in conversation continue to define DM’s approach to creating solutions. We engage faculty, department chairs, deans and provosts in conversation several ways, including our Client Insight Boards (CIBs). Here’s a Q&A with Kate Kaczmarczik, Product Marketing Manager and Insight Board coordinator, about how our Insight Boards inspire products and inform new features and functionality. Continue reading “Client Insight Boards Offer Information & Inspiration”

3 Best Practices for Creating a Successful Project Team

Choosing a faculty activity reporting solution is a big decision. And it’s common that universities underestimate the resources that go into implementing, maintaining and maximizing the potential of their system. That’s why a project team should be involved from the very beginning. A project team will increase your university’s success with adoption, help faculty realize the value of the system and ensure that no one is overwhelmed with the responsibility of launching the solution. Here are a few things to think about to ensure you build a successful project team. Continue reading “3 Best Practices for Creating a Successful Project Team”

5 Best Practices for Faculty Training with University of Texas at San Antonio

Engaging faculty with an activity database starts with great training. At our recent User Group, Tia Palsole, Project Coordinator at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), shared how the university’s highly rated program made faculty training convenient, accessible and useful, encouraging them to use the activity database to its full advantage. Continue reading “5 Best Practices for Faculty Training with University of Texas at San Antonio”

Earning Faculty & Administration Buy-in With Oregon State University, Part 2

Gaining the buy-in of faculty and administration is key to the success of an activity reporting database. Linda Brewer, Senior Faculty Research Assistant and Project Manager, and Lucas Turpin, Information Technology manager, recently shared Oregon State University’s (OSU) success in implementing an activity reporting database at our User Group. In the first post in this two-part series, OSU shared how they set goals for the system, got to “yes” with administration to fund data entry, and how their data entry team worked. Here, learn how OSU overcame resistance, used responsiveness to cultivate faculty buy-in and their lessons learned from the project. Continue reading “Earning Faculty & Administration Buy-in With Oregon State University, Part 2”