Capture Faculty Information Once, Use it Infinitely

A faculty activity reporting solution can drive efficiency for both your administrators and faculty. But don’t take our word for it, hear from your peers about how a faculty activity reporting solution can benefit your university. Not only do administrators gain fast access to accurate information regarding faculty’s teaching, research and service activities; but faculty benefit from only having to capture their activity information once. The data collected in the system can be leveraged for numerous campus initiatives—from accreditation and university promotion to conducting yearly performance evaluations and attracting new faculty members and so much more. 

“What better system than to put something in one time, but then, based on the different needs, whether it’s different colleges, different university aspects, or different reporting needs, you can click a button and you can analyze the data so many different ways.”  

–Shontarius Aikens, AACSB Accreditation Manager, North Dakota State University

On average, faculty receive information requests about their accomplishments and activities eight to 12 times per year. These requests include information for everything from annual faculty activity reports, promotion and tenure documents, updating faculty profiles on the university website, information for regional and professional accreditation and more. With a faculty activity reporting solution, your administrators and faculty will  benefit from fewer of these requests. Having a centralized database of current faculty teaching, research and service activities, provides your administrators with one place to go for for information requests. This central location also leads to streamlined workflows and increased efficiencies for various internal processes.

“Anyone who needs reports can go in, and construct them, so the number of requests to faculty go down, because anyone can go in and make those reports. So, that’s a big advantage.”

-Raymond Whiting, Associate VP of Assessment, Augusta University

Faculty are constantly achieving noteworthy accomplishments as they advance in their careers, from publishing research to speaking at conferences to performing consulting. A faculty activity reporting solution provides your university with a strategic advantage and the ability to leverage the key successes of your most important asset: your faculty. With faculty achievements at your fingertips, your administrators are able to proactively promote key successes to the public and external stakeholders such as donors, state legislators and industry organizations. This is essential for your university to secure outside funding, along with positive press to bolster your reputation.

“Our faculty are doing great things, and we want to make sure that we have an opportunity to highlight those things and use them in ways that celebrate the success of the university.”

–Brian Danielson, Director of Center of Teaching and Learning, Slippery Rock University

Want to hear more from other universities on how a faculty activity reporting solution allowed them to capture information once and use it infinitely? Watch our video here.

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