Best of the Blog 2017: The Posts You Read the Most

Best of the Blog 2017: The Posts You Read the Most

We started the Digital Measures blog in early 2016 to share stories that matter to the higher education community. Nearly two years in, it’s clear from our readership stats you share common concerns and interests. So here’s a look at the top themes you’ve been consuming  in 2017, plus links to the posts you read the most.

Strategic Concerns

Universities are increasingly using data to support decision making and measure progress of strategic initiatives, and readers looked for those stories on our blog. The most-read in this category were about Fayetteville State University’s award-winning continuous improvement program and Radford University’s efforts to demonstrate faculty influence on student success.

New Tools From DM

2017 was a big year for delivering new tools to our clients, who were especially interested in our Workflow solution, which streamlines university processes by digitizing them. Readers were particularly interested in learning how to multiply the efficiencies of faculty activity reporting and the benefits of digital workflows.

Readers also wanted to know how to get more faculty data in with less data entry. Their interest pushed announcements about our data integrations with Scopus and Web of Science onto the “most read” list.


your challenges, our expertiseA perennial area of interest, accreditation grows more exacting every year. Most-read posts this year included a deep dive into the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) faculty qualification guidelines and all things Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), including Johns Hopkins’ success story and the new Required Fields Audit Report to ensure all faculty accomplishments make it into your AACSB tables.

What Success Looks Like

What does it mean to be successful in faculty activity reporting? That question has many facets, from how Digital Measures ensures that clients can make the most of Activity Insight to best practices for using the system.

User Group

Bringing together clients to share successes, deep dive into topics ranging from accreditation and faculty engagement to strategic uses of campus data, and share the Digital Measures product roadmap is our User Group’s mission. And it’s one our readers value, which vaulted highlights of both User Group 2016 and User Group 2017 into the “most read” list.

Team DM

DMers love getting to know our clients, and apparently the feeling is mutual! Readers enjoyed posts about our penchant for coffee, our quarterly team outings, the construction of our new office, and how we zipped to our new digs in September.

It’s been an incredible year for Digital Measures—thanks for following our stories of clients and DM. Is there a topic you’re interested in reading about in 2018? Let us know.

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