Meghan Lemerond

Meg Lemerond has been with Digital Measures for four years and is a proud member of the Client Success team. She is known around the office for her loud, shriek-like laugh and love of food—particularly soup. Her favorite perk of being a DMer is daily access to the terrace and an unlimited stock of Pampelmousse LaCroix.

Recent Posts by Meghan Lemerond:

The Ins and Outs of Penn State’s Oversight Committee

There is no one way to implement a faculty activity reporting solution on campus. But some universities have found a methodology that works for them. In the case of Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), having an Oversight Committee involved in anything and everything to do with faculty activity reporting has proven to be beneficial. For Penn State, the Oversight Committee has become a collective way to address any issues as well as discuss specific challenges and successes. During a recent conversation, Penn State shared how an Oversight Committee has played an integral part in the successful adoption of Activity Insight at their university. Continue reading “The Ins and Outs of Penn State’s Oversight Committee”

Creating Goals to Accelerate the Usage of Your Faculty Activity Reporting Solution

Before you roll out your faculty activity reporting solution, you should spend some time thinking about your goals. Every good system requires a good plan behind it. And now’s the time to think beyond the standard “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” and to think deeper than “I want all faculty using the system for annual reviews.” Here are some tips on what to do to guarantee that you create measurable objectives that align with the overall goals for your faculty activity reporting solution. Continue reading “Creating Goals to Accelerate the Usage of Your Faculty Activity Reporting Solution”