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Client Partners Inspire Workflow for Activity Insight

We recently released the new Workflow Module for managing university processes within Activity Insight. For the past year, we collaborated with more than 25 partner clients to expand our previous capabilities to make the Workflow Module even more powerful.

Activity Insight simplifies collecting information from faculty and building reports. Our Workflow Module brings the same efficiency to annual faculty reviews, promotion and tenure, sabbatical requests and more.

With easy-to-use tools, you can now make your university’s processes paperless and predictable. Materials get into the right hands—and only the right hands—at the right time, automated reminders ensure tasks are completed on schedule, and status updates empower faculty and administrators to track progress, all in one secure system. And it’s seamlessly integrated within Activity Insight so you can fully leverage your faculty’s accomplishments in the processes you digitize. You’ll never have to ask faculty to input the same information twice.

Collaboration with clients drives everything we do at Digital Measures. Thank you to our partner universities: your enthusiasm and feedback during our product development process made the evolution of our new Workflow Module possible.  

Workflow makes Activity Insight a truly one-stop shop for gathering, reporting and evaluating faculty qualifications, accomplishments and impact. We use this blog to share clients’ success, so watch in the weeks ahead for stories of improving key university processes with Workflow.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d be happy to talk with you!

Growing and Innovating: 2016 at Digital Measures

At Digital Measures, 2016 gave us a lot to celebrate—here are the highlights!

Digital Measures 2016 Highlights

Growing to Fuel Innovation

Digital Measures turned 17 in 2016. We grew our team by more than 40 percent, onboarding staff in every area of the business and priming Digital Measures to accomplish more than ever. We finish 2016 with more than 60 DMers focused on developing innovative features and solutions to ensure our university clients get the most out of their Activity Insight implementation. Continue reading “Growing and Innovating: 2016 at Digital Measures”