3 new Activity Insight reports ease HLC Accreditation

3 New Activity Insight Reports Ease HLC Accreditation

Your faculty activity reporting solution should capture the data you need for all faculty-related reporting needs, and one of your most critical reporting opportunities is accreditation. Accrediting bodies place great emphasis on faculty qualifications, scholarship, research and professional development. Thanks to the input of several clients, Activity Insight now offers three new reports specifically designed to ease the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation process (more on the reports below).

Important Data Collection Points

Collecting faculty activity data is always an ongoing project. But certain milestones provide important opportunities to ensure that you’ll have all the data needed for reporting.

your challenges, our expertiseOnboarding Faculty: Universities investigate the credentials of candidates to ensure suitable qualifications for instructing particular courses. Standard procedures like confirming transcripts and other credentials should also include an opportunity to collect information on qualifications that fall into the “tested experience” category. Be sure your university’s criteria for tested experience are clearly defined and current, and that you’re capturing tested experience information in the categories and data fields defined by your institution.

Continued Education and New Licensure and Certification: Consider establishing data imports to capture professional development activities sponsored by your institution to ensure faculty data is accurate, and that faculty don’t have to do it themselves. In the case of new licensure and certification, remind faculty that this information should be kept current—it matters for their annual reviews as well as university considerations including accreditation and evaluating strategic plan outcomes.

New HLC Reports

Faculty qualifications and activities are a substantial portion of HLC accreditation. Activity Insight’s new HLC reports leverage your faculty activity data to effectively report on Criterion Three: Quality, Resources and Support, including Core Components and Assumed Practices.

  1. HLC Faculty Qualification Report: displays all teaching faculty by assigned College and Department, with information about rank, tenure status and graduate faculty status for each instructor. The report displays all Education and Licensure/Certification records as well as Tested Experience as defined by your institution and/or reported in a free-text field, and can display all courses the faculty member taught during the reporting timeframe.
  2. HLC Scholarship and Research Summary Report: provides counts of the number of scholarly activities completed by faculty in the given time frame. The report counts activities entered in the Publications, Presentations, Contracts & Grants, Performances & Exhibits, Intellectual Property, and provides College and Department summaries.
  3. HLC Professional Development Summary Report: details the number of professional development activities attended by faculty in a given timeframe, and is also summarized by College and Department. The information in the report is collected in the Faculty Development Activities Attended screen, and summarized based on the values you designated in your Activity Type drop-down list. The report includes the total number of faculty in the department or college for calculating overall percentage of participation.

For more information on HLC’s most recent updates to accreditation criteria, read our recent post on 4 Things You Should Know About the New HLC Faculty Qualifications. And if you’re interested in leveraging your faculty data for accreditation reporting, we’d love to hear from you.

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