3 Best Practices for Training New Faculty

Launch is over. And your faculty activity reporting solution is all set-up and faculty are trained. But what about faculty who join your university moving forward? Every good implementation includes a plan to train and on-board faculty post-launch. Here are some tips to guarantee that new faculty know everything they need to know about your faculty activity reporting solution.  

1) Consider various resources for training

To familiarize new faculty with the system, you should share any helpful resources. If appropriate, you can introduce these materials and their purpose during an existing meeting, such as orientation at the beginning of the academic year. Consider getting new faculty on board with:

  • Instructions on how to login to the system
  • A website that provides easy access to login, details on any updates to the system and other news
  • A cheat sheet of best practices for data entry
  • Hands-on training with department chairs or peers

2) Be sure to communicate your expectations

While you may know the purpose of your faculty activity reporting solution, faculty may not be clear on the goal for the system. Start by sharing why your university chose to use a faculty activity reporting solution. Then explain why it’s important for each faculty member to use it. It’s also helpful to give new faculty some guidelines.

For example, if your university uses your faculty activity reporting solution for annual reviews, share exactly what you need from your new faculty members. Let them know:

  • How much data they should enter
  • A deadline to enter their data
  • How to produce the annual report
  • Directions and a deadline for submitting their report

3) Create a plan for ongoing education

Once new faculty (and even faculty who have been with the institution for years) have been trained, it’s important to keep checking in to be sure that they are still onboard and aren’t encountering any issues. Consider creating:

  • Office hours to answer questions
  • Surveys to gauge user satisfaction and address any concerns
  • Refresher courses to answer any questions

By educating your faculty on why and how to use a faculty activity reporting solution, you are setting them up for success. It’s proven that faculty who receive training have a higher level of satisfaction with the solution.* And with faculty who understand the value of, and how to use, the system, you’ll get high quality data in and high quality data out. Be sure to take the time to create a comprehensive training plan and stay on top of it.

Did your new faculty members come from another university that already uses Activity Insight? If they did, your team at Digital Measures can bring over any data that is “institution agnostic” like publications and awards to your instance of Activity Insight.

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*University of Lincoln-Nebraska, “Digital Measures Spring 2015 User Survey Results”

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