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3 Tips For Engaging Faculty With Activity Reporting Software

When correctly implemented, faculty activity reporting software is a win-win for faculty and university administrators alike, capturing accomplishments so they can be shared with a wide range of stakeholders, from legislators, accreditors and alumni to prospective students and faculty. The willingness of faculty to support and use this type of software is essential to success. Here are three tips for engaging faculty in the joint project of implementing a faculty activity database. Continue reading “3 Tips For Engaging Faculty With Activity Reporting Software”

A Strong User Community Supports Client Success

As consumers, we have an amazing array of user communities where we can connect with others to share best practices, success stories, pro tips, development ideas and—of course—their questions. Think Nike, with its apps for runners and other athletes, or the way Playstation facilitates interaction among users. The best tech companies do this as well, including the SAP Community Network and VMware’s support of local user groups and conferences. A strong user community supports client success: here’s how we cultivate relationships with and among Activity Insight users. Continue reading “A Strong User Community Supports Client Success”

Client Partners Inspire Workflow for Activity Insight

We recently released the new Workflow Module for managing university processes within Activity Insight. For the past year, we collaborated with more than 25 partner clients to expand our previous capabilities to make the Workflow Module even more powerful.

Activity Insight simplifies collecting information from faculty and building reports. Our Workflow Module brings the same efficiency to annual faculty reviews, promotion and tenure, sabbatical requests and more.

With easy-to-use tools, you can now make your university’s processes paperless and predictable. Materials get into the right hands—and only the right hands—at the right time, automated reminders ensure tasks are completed on schedule, and status updates empower faculty and administrators to track progress, all in one secure system. And it’s seamlessly integrated within Activity Insight so you can fully leverage your faculty’s accomplishments in the processes you digitize. You’ll never have to ask faculty to input the same information twice.

Collaboration with clients drives everything we do at Digital Measures. Thank you to our partner universities: your enthusiasm and feedback during our product development process made the evolution of our new Workflow Module possible.  

Workflow makes Activity Insight a truly one-stop shop for gathering, reporting and evaluating faculty qualifications, accomplishments and impact. We use this blog to share clients’ success, so watch in the weeks ahead for stories of improving key university processes with Workflow.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d be happy to talk with you!

1, 3, 5, 7: Laser Focus Spurs Accelerated AACSB Launches

With the difficulties of manually collecting, calculating and reporting on faculty activity data in support of Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation, many business schools decide to implement faculty activity reporting software. But given the lengthy accreditation and reporting cycle, it’s easy to let that initial urgency fade, which can delay time to value of the software and turn the next AACSB reporting deadline into another fire drill. Fortunately, by setting deadlines and prioritizing a single-focus project, implementing faculty activity reporting for AACSB accreditation can actually be a remarkably streamlined process. In gathering client insight and feedback from countless AACSB implementations, Digital Measures’ Onboarding Team began using a strategy that positions business schools to implement AACSB reporting in as little as 12 weeks. We call it the “1, 3, 5, 7 Mindset,” and it requires a laser focus, strong project team and a commitment to meeting deadlines. Here’s how an accelerated AACSB implementation works. Continue reading “1, 3, 5, 7: Laser Focus Spurs Accelerated AACSB Launches”

Faster, Easier Run Reports Menu Debuts in Activity Insight

Rollout of the new Run Reports menu for Activity Insight begins June 19. This faster, more intuitive interface received great feedback during user testing, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Benefits of the New Run Reports Menu

  1. Faster: The Run Reports menu joins the faculty-facing interfaces that have been upgraded to return information without screen refreshes. As a result, the Run Reports menu has the “app experience” of near-instant updates.
  2. Easier navigation: Rather than a drop-down list, available reports now display in a table. This simplifies the screen for faculty, who typically have between two and four available reports. Rather than navigate a list, simply click on the report name to begin.  And in response to user feedback, the Create a New Report button is now at the top right corner of the screen for better visibility.
  3. WCAG 2.0 compliant: The Run Reports menu complies with current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, the standard for ensuring that software is accessible to people with disabilities.

Run Reports menu

If you have any questions about this new menu, visit the Resource Center or contact us—we’re happy to help!

Change Management Ensures FAR Success with Pittsburg State University

For Pittsburg State University (Pitt State) in Kansas, change management ensured buy-in and faculty activity reporting (FAR) success when the university rolled out a solution used by its Kelce College of Business to the rest of the campus. Jan Smith, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness at Pitt State, and Stacy Becker, Digital Measures Senior Engagement Consultant and Client Success Manager, presented Pitt State’s story at the recent Higher Learning Commission (HLC) conference in Chicago. The university’s success with managing faculty activity reporting also included streamlining the university’s HLC reporting. Here, Smith and Becker share Pitt State’s FAR journey; in our next post, they’ll discuss the collaboration to create HLC reports – a project which evolved to make a suite of reports available to all universities using Activity Insight in the HLC region. Continue reading “Change Management Ensures FAR Success with Pittsburg State University”

Faculty Activity Data Supports Strategic Initiatives at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Part 2

The data needed to support strategic initiatives and measure a university’s institutional effectiveness come from many places, including faculty. So when the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) set its Top Tier initiative in place, it turned to Digital Measures Activity Insight  software for the faculty activity data needed to support its long-term goals, including boosting its Carnegie classification in research from R2 to R1 and achieving the Carnegie Engagement classification. Tondra De, Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs at UNLV, and David Sarnowski, Digital Measures Engagement Consultant, discussed how faculty activity data supports strategic initiatives at UNLV during the recent AIR Forum in Washington, D.C.

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at UNLV’s history of faculty activity reporting, Top Tier initiative and partnership with Digital Measures. Here, the conversation continues, exploring the value of faculty activity data, gaining faculty buy-in and how UNLV’s faculty data support the university’s strategic decisions. Continue reading “Faculty Activity Data Supports Strategic Initiatives at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Part 2”

Before & After Implementing Faculty Activity Reporting Software

The right faculty activity reporting solution allows you to capture faculty data once and use it again and again for many needs, from faculty CVs to accreditation reporting.

But have you ever wondered if faculty activity reporting solutions live up to their promise? Here, your university peers share:

  • The types of challenges that universities like yours faced before implementing Activity Insight on their campus
  • How life has changed on campus since putting Activity Insight into place
  • The efficiencies and insight gained by making this change



User Group 2017: Share Your Story

2016 user group presenterGreat stories empower and inspire us, so they need to be shared! Which is why we’re excited to announce the theme for this year’s Digital Measures User Group 2017: Share Your Story. Whether you’ve done something innovative to achieve your university’s strategic objectives or used Activity Insight to measure the impact of your faculty and university, we want to hear your story—and help you tell it.

User Group 2017 is October 8-10 in Milwaukee. You can register here. Continue reading “User Group 2017: Share Your Story”

Scopus Data Integration Partnership—More Data, Less Data Entry

Making data entry easier for Activity Insight users is a strategic imperative at Digital Measures. So we’re pleased to announce a new data integration partnership with Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, including scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.

With more than 60 million records, Scopus comprises a comprehensive overview of the world’s research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Continue reading “Scopus Data Integration Partnership—More Data, Less Data Entry”