do more with faculty activity data

Do More With Your Faculty Activity Data

You’re already using reporting from Activity Insight for faculty annual reporting, and perhaps for promotion and tenure reviews as well. But you can do much more with the information you already have. Consider using your data to populate faculty web profiles, report on faculty qualifications to accrediting bodies and measure faculty-related progress toward your university’s strategic goals.

Faculty Web Profiles

Your university and faculty get a big win from always-current faculty web profiles populated by data from Activity Insight—with no additional work by faculty, marketing or any other administrative staff who might otherwise manually produce and update faculty information on your university website. The pages about people on your website typically receive the most traffic. Use current faculty accomplishments to attract the right students, other faculty members  research projects and partners and more with faculty web profiles that automatically update as often as you choose.


Your faculty activity data is invaluable for accreditation reporting. As you prepare for professional or regional accreditation, review the information required, and consider the Activity Insight reports created specifically for accreditors including the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Of course, if an existing report doesn’t meet your needs, we can help you create custom reports to satisfy accreditation requirements.

Strategic Goals

Setting strategic objectives is admirable, but how can you measure progress toward a goal? Baylor University uses Activity Insight to  inform evidence-based, institutional decision making, with reporting tailored to each facet of the strategic vision, such as their commitment to cultivating leadership and service among its faculty and students. To learn more, read the full Baylor University case study.

These opportunities are easy wins, but also just the tip of the iceberg. Clients use Activity Insight to measure impact, community engagement and tell their university’s story to stakeholders ranging from legislators to prospective students and faculty. If you’d like to do more with your Activity Insight data, we are here to help and we want to hear from you.

Making an Impact: 2016 User Group Recap

Making an Impact: 2016 User Group Recap

Last week we teased you with the highlights from Making an Impact-User Group 2016, so today we’ll share a recap. With just three days left for our User Group 2017 Pre-Sale ticket pricing, this is the perfect time to get a close-up look at the event, and what you can expect this October.2016 User Group fiesta

Representatives from more than 100 institutions, 39 states and three different countries made the trip to our home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for our 2016 event held October 9 through 11.

A number of clients arrived early to attend Sunday’s Fast Track to Activity Insight training. After a day-long learning session on key functionality of the system, 50 Activity Insight administrators passed the test and earned their well-deserved certification! Continue reading “Making an Impact: 2016 User Group Recap”

How Kaplan University Uses Faculty Activity Reporting to Achieve Strategic Goals

How Kaplan University Uses Faculty Activity Reporting to Achieve Strategic Goals

With a nationwide online presence as well as physical campuses in multiple states, Kaplan University needed a faculty activity reporting (FAR) system that would allow it to provide the reporting required for Higher Learning Commission accreditation, multiple professional accrediting bodies and the state educational governing bodies to whom the university reports. But Kaplan has done much more. In addition to meeting its accreditation reporting requirements, the University now leverages data from Activity Insight to meet strategic goals including recognizing faculty achievements and promoting community engagement. Continue reading “How Kaplan University Uses Faculty Activity Reporting to Achieve Strategic Goals”

user group 2016 highlights

Get Ready for UG17 with User Group 2016 Highlights!

We wanted to make your New Year’s resolution easy this year—resolve to attend User Group 2017!  We’ve extended our Pre-Sale tickets until January 15. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of the lowest General Admission price of the year.

Join us in Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 8-10, 2017 for our fifth annual User Group conference. We’re excited for new content, networking with DMers and your peers and an equal dose of fun at great Milwaukee venues. We know it’s early so if you need to make changes to your registration don’t worry we’ll be here to help. To learn more, visit our full event site.

Need some motivation? Watch our User Group 2016 highlights!

digital measures industry insights 2017

Digital Measures Industry Insights for 2017

The Chronicle of Higher Education predicts “seismic shifts” will transform higher education in the next decade. As you turn the calendar to January and a new year, what do you expect from 2017? Here are a few of the trends we’re watching for the year ahead.

Evolving Accreditation Requirements

Though expected in higher education, “Accreditation …. has come into question in recent years, as accredited schools … are shut down due to poor practices,” according to a report by In fact, accrediting bodies including the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) have updated their standards in the past year. DM’s take: Accreditation requirements will drill deeper into faculty qualifications, educational practices and the impacts of universities on students and the larger community. Ensure that your faculty activity reporting (FAR) system is configured to collect this data and report it for accreditation and other purposes. Continue reading “Digital Measures Industry Insights for 2017”

Digital Measures Best Blog Posts 2016

Best of the Digital Measures Blog 2016

We started the Digital Measures blog in March 2016 with a mission to provide our insight on the increasingly complex faculty activity reporting landscape. Since then, we’ve featured stories learned from developing Activity Insight, our industry-leading faculty activity reporting software, and tapped into our vast client community to bring you strategies and best practices for capturing and reporting faculty accomplishments from universities worldwide. As the year winds down, we looked back to find the most popular posts from 2016. Continue reading “Best of the Digital Measures Blog 2016”

Digital Measures 2016 Highlights

Growing and Innovating: 2016 at Digital Measures

At Digital Measures, 2016 gave us a lot to celebrate—here are the highlights!

Digital Measures 2016 Highlights

Growing to Fuel Innovation

Digital Measures turned 17 in 2016. We grew our team by more than 40 percent, onboarding staff in every area of the business and priming Digital Measures to accomplish more than ever. We finish 2016 with more than 60 DMers focused on developing innovative features and solutions to ensure our university clients get the most out of their Activity Insight implementation. Continue reading “Growing and Innovating: 2016 at Digital Measures”

ask the right questions for FAR solution success

Ask the Right Questions for FAR Solution Success

Strategic thinking makes a big difference in the results you get from your faculty activity reporting (FAR) solution. According to Digital Measures Solution Specialist David Sarnowski, clients who get the most out of Activity Insight are those who ask themselves two big-picture questions at the outset, and build their database to provide the most relevant information at their institution.

  1. What decisions is your institution making? What information best informs those decisions?
  2. What answers does your university require? Can you evaluate progress toward strategic goals? Can you completely and accurately report on faculty information required by accrediting bodies?

Discovering answers to these questions provides you with a “needs list” of specific information your FAR solution should provide. Building your database to answer your university’s most mission-critical questions ensures you’ll get the information you want from the system. In fact, considering your university’s mission is a great place to start. Continue reading “Ask the Right Questions for FAR Solution Success”

DMers giving back at The Gathering

Giving Back: DMers Serve a Meal at The Gathering

On a subzero Milwaukee morning last week, DMers helped serve breakfast to nearly 200 guests of The Gathering, a community meal program providing 11 home-cooked meals per week. The guests who visit the St. James Episcopal Church breakfast site come from all walks of life, including the homeless, seniors, veterans and those with chronic health issues. But they share a common need—food for body, mind and spirit. 

Rob Petrie at The Gathering

“Volunteering here is always great experience,” said Rob Petrie, Digital Measures  Sales Operation Specialist. “My favorite part is meeting new people in Milwaukee, both volunteers and guests, and getting to know the people who share our city.” Continue reading “Giving Back: DMers Serve a Meal at The Gathering”

3 new Activity Insight reports ease HLC Accreditation

3 New Activity Insight Reports Ease HLC Accreditation

Your faculty activity reporting solution should capture the data you need for all faculty-related reporting needs, and one of your most critical reporting opportunities is accreditation. Accrediting bodies place great emphasis on faculty qualifications, scholarship, research and professional development. Thanks to the input of several clients, Activity Insight now offers three new reports specifically designed to ease the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation process (more on the reports below). Continue reading “3 New Activity Insight Reports Ease HLC Accreditation”